Our inner and social construct
A concept that I keep near and dear to my heart
At first it seemed totally abstract
It might seem too many like an enigma
But we always adhered to our oromummaa
Even though it resulted in a social stigma
We keep our heads-up and live with charisma
The fate of forty million people
By no means is negotiable
Oromummaa is an everlasting doctrine
The foundation of our great nation
It won’t be lost in futile assimilation
We will make sure to pass it down to next generation
We strive for Oromiyaa that is truly autonomous
We publically proclaim our pledge of alliance
Throughout our long history
Both inside and out of our territory
We kept our distinct identity
Language, culture and generally our ethos
We inherited from our great ancestors
With responsibility to cherish our national values
Oromiyaa, our beloved homeland
With you is our pride
Your sons and daughters are hand in hand
We all are patriots and united we stand
Our enemies filled with belligerence
Cannot take away from us
All of us are ready for the sacrifice
With that there is no vice

Taken from Oromantic Weblog


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