Let’s Us Kill Our Ego Before It Kills Us

There are some people around us who tend to be egoistic-selfish, greedy and manipulative. These people are extremely success oriented (they value money and power more than human values) and they want to use others as means for their ends. They don’t care about others at all. They use any kind of means (even the bad ones) to achieve their goals. Thus, they want to cheat you, use you, exploit you and manipulate you in a manner that serves their best interests.

They always consider themselves as the best even though they don’t have any quality (content or character) that qualifies them as the best. They just fool around and waste their time talking about themselves. May be that is what makes them the best. They always present themselves as the most important persons when they aren’t actually one.  There is nothing different they do. They just talk and talk. Everywhere they go they are obsessed with talking about themselves. To prove that they are important, they also like talking about others. They always belittle others’ accomplishments or achievements so that they can be noticed as the most important persons. They are quite superficial, but they like glorifying themselves. Most of the time, their talk is full of ‘I’ STATEMENTS. I did this and that. I have this and that. No one else has it. I am the only person who knows about this or that. They are ‘know it all’ type of people.  I was the person who was responsible for the establishment of this or that institutions. I studied in this or that university in Europe or America. I have a Masters Degree or PhD degree that is different from yours. I am the best teacher. I have read a lot of books. Had it not been for my efforts, the world would have been destroyed. Had it not been for me, this task would have been left undone. The talk goes on.

 Whenever you sit with them for a cup of coffee, these people never give you the chance to express your opinions. They never listen to you. They only want you to listen to them talking nonsense. Whenever you start saying something, they just interrupt you and start talking, of course, about themselves. They want to lecture you on every topic. Every time they talk with you, they want to tell you that they are more important than you are.

These same people always like talking behind your back. They don’t want to say anything good about you. They are fault finders. They purposely focus on your weaknesses instead of your strengths. For example, if your boss tips you for a certain responsibility, they will be the first to uproar saying that Mr./Mrs./Miss X is not the right person for that assignment. He/she is not fit to this position or to this work. They say “last time we did this or that together and he/she failed to do it properly. Trust me they say to their boss, “if you give him/her this responsibility, he/she will mess up with it”.They say, “I and my friend (mentioning their friend who is submissive to their influence) can do it.”  

Every time you mention about the good qualities of someone, they will be the first to reject your idea and go on telling you the weaknesses of that person instead. They don’t want to hear when someone is appreciated or praised in front of them for his good deeds. Whenever they see someone as their rivals, they work hard to destroy the image of that person before the eyes of others. They want to embarrass you in front of people by saying something negative about you to show their importance at your expense. They blame you for nothing; they criticize you harshly for very small mistakes you have made and they always tell you that you are wrong.  They like bullying their subordinates instead of helping them to grow. These people claim everything in their names. They don’t want to give credits for other people who are working with them. They instead claim what somebody else has done as their own work and want to get every credit for themselves.

 Again these same people like gossiping. They like kissing the asses of their bosses to get promotion, to get more money and get cheap popularity. These people will be your friends as far as you are a kind of person who is easily manipulated and cheated. You must be a ‘YES’ person to be their friends. But if you are a type of person who challenges their cunning, crafty and deceitful character, they don’t want you as a friend any more. They hate you. They work day and night to destroy your image.

These people have done nothing different than you are and sometimes they can’t even do anything of significance. They are there with you with same educational qualification and with the same status as you are. You see none of their visible achievements that make them stand out from among the crowd. They have made no or little contributions to their organization or country. They might have a better house than you are which they have built by money they have got by deceiving, stealing or embezzling public’s money. Moreover, they may be thinking of buying a car still by systematically exploiting public’s property.  However, these people see themselves as the most intelligent and most important people on the planet earth. Actually, they are not, but at least they claim to be so.

These same people go to churches on Sundays with the HOLY BOOK in their hands. On Mondays, they embark on gossiping, talking nuisance, lying, deceiving and cheating others which are against the teachings of God they have read in that holly book.

I am really tired of living with such kind of people. I don’t want to have them as my friends because I am aware of who they are and what they are capable of doing. They can’t manipulate me, cheat me and use me anymore. It is better for these people to come to a more godly way instead of doing something wicked and immoral to gain more money, more power and more cheap popularity.



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