Fuel Crisis in HawassaCity

The fuel crisis in Hawassa City, which started two weeks ago has continued. This is affecting the day to day life of the city’s residents. People are suffering from transportation problem as most bajaj taxis are not working due to shortage of gasoline. Most of the petrol stations don’t have fuels. When there is one, every vehicles rush into that station and make a very long queue (as long as one kilometer) waiting to refuel. In other words, if you have to refuel your bajaj taxi or your motor bike, you will have to queue early in the morning for your vehicle to be refueled at lunch time. That is possible if you are lucky enough. It may even take longer than the time I have mentioned.

To your surprise, there are some shops that are selling a liter of gasoline for more than sixty birr (the normal price is around 22 birr). I don’t exactly understand why these people are allowed to do this. Greedy and illegal traders are exploiting us like anything because the law enforcement is so weak and the city councillors look so unconcerned when all these things are happening in front of their eyes.

This morning, I went to one of the petrol stations in the city to see if there is any possibility for me to refuel my motor bike. However, I found that the queue is more than what I can ever imagine. If I stay there, it means that I will not go to work the whole day. Look, my motobike has no fuel. If I don’t refuel it today, tomorrow I have to go to work on foot (5kms from home to the work place) in hot, sunny and sometimes dusty Hawassa. At this point, I am confused, frustrated and disappointed.

Who is responsible for this crisis? No local authority has so far explained why such problem has occurred and the public has not been properly informed about it. It is really surprising that the regional and federal governments are simply overlooking this crisis which has become a headache to the residents over the last two weeks. Had the crisis been for one or two days, it would have been tolerated. So far we have waited for more than to weeks to refuel our vehicles. Now, the question is how many more weeks we have to wait for refueling our vehicles?



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