Too Late for Obbo Alemayehu to Leave Office

Two days ago, O.P.D.O. announced that Ato Alemeyahu Atomsa, the chairman of the EPRDF affiliate organization and the head of Oromia Regional State resigned due to health problem which he has been suffering from for more than three years.

Actually, the ailing president should have left office as soon as he learned that he had a serious health problem that he had to deal with for so long time. This man spent very little time in office as he had to fly to different countries to receive medical treatment with millions of birr from the coffer of the government. Indeed, he entrusted most of his responsibilities to his vice president and his contributions as the president of Oromia regional state was insignificant.

Very often I wonder why Ato Alemayehu was made to stay in office when he was capable of doing almost nothing due to health problem he had to go through? During his three years stay in office, we didn’t see any important development projects under taken in a region that is rich but whose population suffer from lack of political freedom social injustice and harsh economic crisis. Because very little have been achieved under his precidency, TVO, the mouthpiece of the party that claims to be the ruler of Oromia, would love to report on the economic and social schemes that were accomplished during Abba Dula’s presidency.

Okay, O.P.D.O told us the resignation of the president with tainted statements many times, but failed to tell us who becomes its next chairman who will by default be the president of Oromia Regional State up until thé coming another fake election. Though we don’t expect anything new that benefits our people from the new chairman and president, we should have been informed about it at least to satisfy our curiosity.


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