Ode to Odaa

According to Egyptians mythology
Its leaves were used as medicines by our ancestry
The great sycamore tree
Home of the brave on land of the tree
My people gather from every constituency
To participate in caffee meetings that is Oromo democracy
Long before even Plato knew about it
My people have been practicing it
Nancy Pelosi and Nicholas Sarkozy
Got nothing on Oromo democracy
This pragmatic and egalitarian system
Don’t you take mistaken it for phantom?
It is real
My forefathers invented it
We still have odaa to show for it
A forty year cycle with eight years term
Five parties tasked to run the system
Sitting under the odaa tree issues to address
Elections and rule of law by Oromo congress
With the wisdom of cabinet members and council of elders
Regardless of grievances with judicial independence
What one asks for more?

Efrata T. Obsa ( Taken from Oromantic Weblog


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