Finfinnee Belongs to the Oromo & It always will be!

By: Milkissa Ch.

Finfinnee is the true and authentic name of the capital of the Abyssinians colonial state that has been illegally changed by the habasha occupiers. The introduction of the name of Addis Ababa is part of the Oromo genocide that has been undertaken by the Amhara Tigrean Abyssinian occupying forces.

In his book entitled ‘Medelot’, Lidetu, the chairman of the Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) attempts to explain why a considerable number of Oromos and the political parties that represent them use the name Finfinnee to call Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. He argues that there is a political motive that drives the Oromos to call Addis Ababa as Finfinnee. He says the Oromos use Finfinnee to call the capital deliberately to show that the city belongs to them. He argues that this kind of feeling among the Oromos is becoming a threat now to the habashas who are investing in Finfinnee. Therefore, he concludes asking the government of Ethiopia to make laws that urge the people, in particular, the Oromos to call the capital city only by one name-Addis Ababa, not Finfinnee.

Again Lidetu somewhere in this book argues that Finfinnee was the name given to the hot spring area (Filwuha), and therefore, it cannot be the name of the capital city which the Habashas call Addis Ababa. One of his reasons for not using the name Finfinnee to call the capital is that the name, that was once used to call a small village, cannot be the name of a city as big as the Abyssinians capital.

My question, however, is, if Finfinnee cannot be the name of the capital city, then how come Addis Ababa be the name of the city? Is it because Etege Tayitu coined that name? Is it because the name is in Amharic or what? Here the point is Etege Tayitu first gave the name Addis Ababa to the place called by the Oromos as Finfinnee. Then that village expanded and got its present appearance. Thus, as the habashas call the city that grew out of that small village Addis Ababa, the Oromos also have the right to call this city as Finfinnee. The habasha elites such as Lidetu have the desire to cleanse the Oromos out of the city, that Oromos always consider the heart of their country, Oromiyaa. Indeed, the habashas have invested in Finfinnee, but it should be noted that it was/is at the expense of hundred thousands of Oromos who were displaced as the city expanded.

I always wonder why the Habasha elites think they can always cheat the Oromos. Indeed, the habasha elites have deceived the Oromos for many years but now that has gone forever. The Oromos have got wiser than the habashas have ever thought. The Oromos have said goodbye to the habashas domination. Thanks to our beloved sons and daughter who gave us their souls to make us free from hundred years’ domination. We preserve the rights that we have won, and at the same time fight for the rest.

Before he started expanding southwards to the oromoland, Minlik made his seat at Ankober, north Shewa. As he succeeded conquering the oromoland, he moved his seat to Entoto (a hill located to the north of Finfinnee).He started ruling over the Ethiopian Empire from his new seat at Entoto.

However, in 1876, he moved his capital to Finfinnee which his wife changed its name to Addis Ababa. Minlik’s wife Etege Tayitu Butul was responsible for the founding of Addis Ababa as the capital of the Ethiopian Empire and she is often referred to as the founder of Addis Ababa. Tayitu used to travel to Finfinnee hot spring for bathing. She was impressed by the beauty of the hot spring scene and named it Addis Ababa (new flower).Then she convinced her husband to move their capital from Entoto to Finfinnee which she named Addis Ababa. They left Entoto and built their palace at caffee Tuma (now Sidist kilo).

The first palace built by Minlik in Finfinnee was changed into university by Emperor Haile Silassie in 1950.The university was named Haile Silassie First University College (the first university in Ethiopia). This university is now known as Addis Ababa University.

Before the habashas arrived, Finfinnee was inhabited by the Gulale, Galan, Abichu and Eka Oromos. The Oromos in Finfinnee used to grow crops such as xaafii (now stable food in Ethiopia), wheat, barely, peas and beans. They also raised cattle. They used to take their cattle for water to hora Finfinnee. Finfinnee got this name from the hot spring (hora) that naturally comes out from underground. Finfinnee means fountain. The Oromos use the name Finfinnee to call the capital city of the Ethiopian Empire which the Habashas call Addis Ababa.

After they arrived, the Habashas started expanding their new capital at the expense of thousands of Oromos who lived on Finfinnee. The Oromos were pushed to the corner leaving the land they inhabited for centuries by the habasha settlers. The Habashas denied the right the Oromo people have over Finfinnee. The Oromos were made to supply milk, butter, meat, honey, eggs and cereal crops such as xaafii, barely, wheat and oats to the habashas settled in Finfinnee.
As the town expanded, the Oromos were displaced and pushed to the corner. They lost their beautiful homeland to the habasha settlers. This trend has continued todate.Finfinnee is growing fast putting pressures on the Oromo farmers who live surrounding it. The land the Oromos have been farming is recently robbed by the habashas to build residential houses and factories. The Oromo farmers who are dislocated from their land are not getting enough compensation either in form of land or cash. This situation is affecting the lives of the family of Oromo farmers. These farmers have no choice but to move into the city that displaced them, to be a carrier or beggar.

The Habeshas are not happy about Oromo’s right over Finfinnee as the capital of Oromiyaa. They want Finfinnee only to be the capital of their old empire which the Oromos are always resisting. The Habashas do not want to hear their Addis Ababa called Finfinnee. The Habesha elites are calling upon the government to make laws to punish those Oromos who use Finfinnee to call Addis Ababa. They are looking for something that is infeasible. No government can stop the Oromos not to call their capital by the name Finfinnee.

The seat of the government of Oromiyaa is based in Finfinnee. The government of Oromiyaa officially calls Addis Ababa by the name Finfinnee. The Oromo people in every corner call the capital by the name Finfinnee. For the Oromos Finfinnee is Finfinnee, nothing else. The habasha elites should know that and recognize Oromos right to call the center of their land by this name.

One thing that shocked the Oromo people a decade ago was the decision made by OPDO, the party that is now ruling Oromiyaa, to move the seat of the government of Oromiyaa to Adaamaa. In 2004, the OPDO leaders ordered the Oromiyaa bureaus to move to Adama. The OPDO leaders reached this decision without discussing with the Oromo people whom they were ruling. Consequently, the Oromos severely opposed OPDO’s action. Oromo students bitterly opposed the action and took to the street asking OPDO leaders to keep the seat of Oromiyaa in Finfinnee.

The Oromos living in and around Finfinnee supported the students and participated in the demonstrations. However, the innocent Oromo students and elders were welcomed by bullets by the government police. The Oromo elders were beaten up brutally and taken to prisons. The Oromo students were dismissed from schools particularly from Addis Ababa University for good and some of them were imprisoned. Mecha-Tulama Oromo Self Help Association was also closed down for opposing OPDO’s action. Many members of the self help association including the president, Dirribi Damuse, were imprisoned. The decision made by OPDO to move the seat of the government of Oromiyaa from Finfinnee to Adama encountered strong opposition from Oromos all over the world. The OPDO leaders did not listen to the outcry of the Oromo people. They, instead, insisted on giving explanation why they moved to Adama. They said their decision was right and they had no regret for their decision.

However, one important event took place in 2005 that forced OPDO leaders change their mind-the third national election. The 2005 election was historical in the sense that the opposition parties particularly CUD or Kinjit (a political party composed of habasha elites) surprised EPRDF by winning all the 23 seats in Addis Ababa.CUD also won in major cities across the country. Other opposition parties representing the Oromos, the Oromo People’s Congress (OPC), DR. Merara’s party and The Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM), Bulcha Demeksa’s party won considerable seats in Oromiyaa. The ruling party, EPRDF, suffered in most parts of the country. Though EPRDF leaders admitted their defeat in the capital to the opposition parties, they declared themselves the winner of the 2005 election and formed government to rule Ethiopia for the coming five years.

The rigging of the election result by the incumbent party disappointed the voters and they took to the street to challenge the government. However, the government soldiers shot down about 300 protesters in cold blood. This action moved university students to demonstrate and condemn the murder committed by the soldiers.

Likewise, in Oromiyaa students took to the street opposing OPDO and supporting the opposition parties, OPC and OFDM. Consequently, many people were killed and others were jailed. Many voters in Oromiyaa gave their vote to OPC, OFDM and CUD in 2005 election and OPDO suffered unusual defeat in Oromiyaa.

The opposition from the people could not stop EPRDF from ruling the country. The defeat OPDO suffered at the hands the Oromo people proved again that OPDO is not a genuine political organization that defend Oromo’s right and freedom. It also sent a signal to OPDO to think again about the decisions they made regarding Finfinnee.

The OPDO leaders though late realized that one of the reasons that made the Oromos vote the opposition parties such as Kinjit was the decision that they made to move the seat of the Government of Oromiyaa to Adama. In order to reconcile with Oromos, OPDO leaders shamefully decided to return the seat of the Government of Oromiyaa to Finfinnee. The other reason for OPDO to return the seat of the government of Oromiyaa to Finfinnee was the victory of Kinjit in Addis Ababa. They thought if Kinjit administered the City Government of Addis Ababa, the OPDO leaders themselves would lose their advantage in Finfinnee. It would also enforce the hatred the Oromos have to OPDO and leave them in terrible situation.

Currently, the EPRDF government has come up with a Master Plan for Integrated Development to expand Finfinnee/Addis Abeba into 17 Woredas and 36 towns in Oromiya. This plan purposely aims to evict more than four million Oromo farmers from their land and leave them in extreme poverty. The TPLF led government is very eager to give the Oromo land to other ethnic groups in the name of investment thereby destroying Oromo language, culture and values. In May 2014, Oromo students from different universities protested aginst the master plan, but they were shot dead in cold blood by the government army. During the protest, more than 100 Oromo students were killed.

The Habeshas are always working to cleanse the Oromos from Finfinnee/Addis Abeba and its surroundings, but the Oromos are always resisting them. Oromo youths are determined more than ever before to give up their lives for the causes of their people. The Habeshas must stop thier ambition to grab the Oromo land and get rich while the Oromos, the Owner of the land, are starving to death.


2 thoughts on “Finfinnee Belongs to the Oromo & It always will be!

  1. You just weak up after 100s years after now every one is mixed we all abesha (well done minilik you were addis ababa you deloped the country those people wants to be someone slave shewa is yours that means Ethiopia that means addis ababa narrow mind always think back)

  2. Maqaaleen Bulchiinsa Magaalaa Finfinnee keessatti haga hardhaatti habashaatiin waamamuutti jiran ; keessaayyuu maqaan Dhaabbilee gurguddoo kan akka Yuunivarsiitii addunyaarratti maqaan saa ‘Addis Abeba University ‘ gara “Finfinnee University”tti yeroo gabaabaa keessatti jijjiiramee aadaa fi seenaa saba guddaa,OROMOO,ibsuu akka qabu hubatamutu irraa eegama.

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