The Fake  DR. Engineer  finally comes to the public scrutiny
The Fake DR. Engineer finally comes to the public scrutiny
The man that many regarded as the most talented and inspired one in Ethiopia was allegedly found out to be only a cheater and a liar.This man is Samuel Zemichael who called himself Doctor and Engineer and deceived us for quite sometimes claiming that he is a guru in motivational speech. This man claimed that he received his PHD and MSC in American and Australian Universities getting special prizes for his best academic performances.

He visited different universities in the country and gave what he called ‘motivational speech’. Many people were impressed by his speech and even thought that he was a man who came from another planet. This man told people about himself with exaggerations claiming that he worked with Barack Obama and Vladmir Putin.

He moved across universities and schools to deliver his speech; and he was warmly welcomed everywhere he went. Many young people who attended his speech believed that they would be like him one day. Those who attended his speech gave him applause in admiration and many requested him to pose with him for a photo to remember him. This man met and talked to even higher officials from different ministerial offices in the country. Many believed that he was a kind of talented young man that this country needed. Indeed, there are a lot of stories to tell about this man.

We now have come to know that this man deserves none of what we thought he was. This man has no PHD, no MSC and of course nothing at all. They existed only in names. He just used these made up titles and educational status to manipulate people to enhance his personal and financial interests. We can call him ‘dangerous rent seeker’ using the word of our leaders. He received tens of thousands of birr from different institutions in the name of business consultancy and ‘delivering motivational and inspirational speech’ which many accepted without critically looking at who this man is in the first place.

Recently, he was here in Hawassa to deliver ‘his motivational speech’ to the students and the teachers. He delivered his speech to a significant number of students at the main campus, and then arranged to do the same for teachers today (Friday) in the morning. When I saw a letter of invitation posted on a wall at my department, I decided to attend the motivational speech which I believed would motivate me for something better than what I am and what I have now.

But, when I arrive at the campus for attending his speech, I met my colleagues talking about this young Doctor Engineer. They told me that the man who was expected to deliver his speech, has been accused of deception. My colleagues told me that the news was presented on Fana FM 98.1 morning news program. When I heard about it, I couldn’t believe the news. I was one of the admirers of this man who was running after a cheap popularity. He fooled us like anything. He fooled me, and he fooled everybody. This may not surprise us as we are living surrounded by liars, cheaters, shrewd and selfish people in this part of the world. ሰዉን ማመን ቀብሮ ነዉ አለች ቀበሮ as the saying goes.


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