OPDO’s Birthplace is Adet; it isnot Harbu Meskele

Every time, The Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization (OPDO) celebrates its anniversary, its leaders used to deafen our ears telling us now and then that OPDO was founded in North Shewa, Darra Woreda, at a village called Harbu Meskele. Now, at the time they are about to celebrate their 25th anniversary, they have come up with a different story about the place where OPDO was first founded.” It is not Darra/Harbu Meskele,” they said,”It is Adet, a village in Tigray.” This is okay and it will not be a surprise as we know that OPDO has never had a clear position about anything.

Yet, I find it funny because the leaders of OPDO have never mentioned Adet as the birthplace of OPDO in their rehtoric in the last 25 years. As far as I am concerned, I heard about Adet for the first time only this week. Look, it doesn’t matter to any of us whether OPDO was founded in Darra or Adet. It doesn’t make any difference as it cannot change the very nature of this organization. For me, the issue is why did they first tell us that OPDO was founded at Darra, and why now at Adet? It is a little bit surprising that these people don’t even know where they established their organization and somebody had to tell them after twenty five years.

Seifu Bekele, the singer who is known for praising and glorifying OPDO once sang about OPDO saying,”Biqiltuu Dirree Darra” roughly translated “the seedling of Darra”. Now, he needs to rewrite the lyrics of his song saying, “Biqiltuu Dirree Adeet”- the seedling of Adet.

We have had very litlle trust in OPDO and its leaders, and the pile of lies they tell us every time, will even make us not to trust them at all.


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