Elections in Ethiopia Serve No Purposes for the People!

The EPRDF declared that it won the May2015 election getting all 547 seats in the parliament. In  the previous election (2010), they won 99.6 percent of the parliament seats, but in this election they won 100% of the parliament seats. In a country that calls itself democratic, there is no 100% victory for a single party. However, this is possible, in a country that is led by EPRDF.

It is obvious that no one believes the story that a single party has won 100% seats in the parliament. In different countries in the world, even the most popular political parties win elections with land slide victories, but nowhere in the world one party has ever won 100 percent seats in a parliament in the 21 century except in Ethiopia and may be in North Korea and China.

During the election campaign, we saw masses rallying behind the opposition parties particularly in Oromia, the largest state in Ethiopia, where the Oromo Federalist Congress highly operated. The Oromo youths attended public meetings called by OFC led by Merera Gudina, a prominent politician representing the Oromo and showed a huge support to OFC.

However, EPRDF, as usual claimed victory in all regions in the country and the opposition parties winning no single seat in the Ethiopian parliament. Many believe that the government rigged the election results making the votes count for itself in most of the electoral regions. The election couldn’t be called an election because the institutions and individuals who carried out the election were one way or the other affiliated to the ruling party.

Practically, the electoral board is expected to independent from the influence of anyone both the ruling party and the oppositions parties. In Ethiopia, however, the Ethiopian Electoral Board is filled by people who are members of the ruling party. Moreover, people who execute the election processes are people from the ruling party. In this kind of situation, it would be foolish to expect the opposition parties to triumph.

Now, the Ethiopian people have come to know that elections are held in Ethiopia for the sake of just having elections and primarily to please the western powers saying that Ethiopia holds democratic elections. By doing so, the ruling party aims get to economic aids …that is it. No one believes that through elections, changes will come to Ethiopia as the five elections that we have had so far brought no changes.Election


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