The World has to unite to Eliminate Terrorists!

Everyday, we are waking up to the news that the terrorist groups-ISIS, Book Haram, Alshabab, Al Qaeda and others have slaughtered, beheaded or killed innocent people in different parts of the world.

Most definitely, these groups are all useless, senseless, mindless and heartless and merciless. They are all cruel, barbaric and dangerous. They have no purpose. The only purpose they have on their mind is killing. They kill Muslims, they kill Christians, they kill atheists, they kill Arabs, they kill Jewish, they kill journalists, they kill aid workers, they kill everybody and they never stop killing because that is what makes them happier. Of course, they don’t kill those who bow down for them and accept their inhumane behaviors. These groups are blood suckers. They are championing no cause.

They are so determined to kill anyone who doesn’t accept their spoiled ideology . Their action and behaviour is so horrible and unacceptable. They will keep on killing every one of us unless we stop them. It is high time that every human race unite and join hands to destroy and eliminate these cannibals of the 21st century from the face of our planet. Otherwise, our world will not have peace for many decades to come and we will get always terrified by the evil deeds of these aimless gangsters of our time.


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