Obama in Addis Abeba (July 26/2015)

ሽ ኦባማ መጣ:
ከመሪዎቻችን ጋር ቡናዉን ሊጠጣ:
ከመደስኮር በቀር ምንም ላያመጣ፤

We warmly welcome Mr. Obama for his historic visit to Ethiopia. We understand that the primary purpose of his visit to this country is to deliberate on security issues with the EPRDF government and give recognition for what they have successfully done (of course on the behalf of the Americans) in combating the terrorist group, Alshabab, in the almost stateless Somalia. However, many of us here expect the president to address issues such as human rights and freedom of expression (values that US America regards highly) for which the EPRDF government is accused by many for having the worst record.

American presidents always swear that they would work to ensure democracy, human rights, freedom of expression, peace and security, particularly in Africa and elsewhere-where those things are said to be missing, however; when it comes to their national interest, they never shy away from working with the evils-the undemocratic and dictatorial governments.

It is really foolish to expect something different from the visit of the 44th president of America to Ethiopia, but at least, his visit would be worthy, only if he is able to boldly and seriously speak to our leaders that his government has great concerns about the apparent human rights violation and the muzzling of the freedom of speech that has been witnessed for years in this country of ours.


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