Obama Lectures the African Leaders in Addis Abeba (July28/2015)

Thank you Mr.Obama for that wonderful and captivating speech you have made at the African Union. Indeed, you have boldly spoken to the African leaders (both to the democrats and the dictators), as many of us expected, on the important issues that matter most to the Africans: democracy, human rights, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly etc.

You have taught our African leaders a great lesson (one that they have never learnt in their lives) and of course only if they have an open mind and a willing heart to learn and change. After that wonderful speech of yours, surely, the African leaders have learnt from the American experiences, about what true democracy means (now they know that democracy is not something that exists in names, but it is something that has to be real and practicable).

As an African, I am very much impressed by your breathtaking speech (like many of those who attended your speech in the African Union Hall), and I have been clapping my hands for you all alone sitting in front of TV whenever you spoke about the very fundamental issues that we Africans want to hear about. Now your visit to Africa means something to us.

I personally doubted that you wouldn’t speak on issues that many African leaders find sensitive (many African leaders are uncomfortable with issues that relate to human rights, for example), just to please them, giving priority to the national interests of your country. However, you have made serious speech on these issues that made many young Africans very happy. This is really what it means to be the president of the United States of America-speaking for universal values that every human race deserves to enjoy and speaking against injustice, inequality and oppression.

Thank you Mr. President for teaching our leaders a lesson that clinking to power for life is the main causes of all the problems that we face today as Africans.

We hope to see some African leaders who will put your lesson into practice by leaving office democratically and peacefully in the coming few years though many may not be ready to do so because they believe that they are created to rule and others created to be ruled. Anyways, time will show us their end sooner or later.


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