The Oromos Should Keep on Resisting the Implementation of the Addis Abeba Master Plan

The push from the Ethiopian Government to implement the Addis Abeba Master Plan has continued even though the master plan has been rejected by the Oromo people, the largest single ethnic group in the country. They have already began implementing the Master Plan and Abay Tsehaye, the one of the top TPLF leaders has made it abundantly clear that they will go ahead by any means necessary. Well this needs to be met with the same spirit–the plan must be stopped by any means necessary.

The TPLF led government of Ethiopia came up with the Addis Abeba Master Plan that aims to incorporate small towns which are in the Oromia Regional state into the capital city evicting millions of Oromo farmers from their land. In May, last year, this master plan was highly opposed by the Oromos both at home and the Diaspora. Particularly, thousands of Oromo university students across the country took to the street and protested against the plan, but they were received by bullets by the government forces.

During the protest, more than 150 people were killed brutally because of their strong opposition to the plan. Moreover, hundreds of students were dismissed from universities and many others disappeared and no one knows their whereabouts until now.

The surprising thing is the EPRDF leaders are implementing the master plan by force ignoring the voices and concerns of the Oromo people. They are still jailing Oromos who are speaking against the plan. By implementing the master plan, the EPDRF government wants to push the Oromos to the corners and weaken them economically and politically.

The Oromo farmers around the city are being removed from their land with no or little compensation either in form of land or cash. This situation is affecting the lives of the family of Oromo farmers. These farmers have no choice but to move into the city from where they were displaced to be a carrier or beggar and that is resulting in social crises.

The Oromos need to unite and stand together and oppose the implimentation of the master plan that is designed to chase the Oromos from their land. We have to keep on fighting for our rights; no one else fights for us.


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