The Oromos are going to celeberate IRREECHAA (Thanks Giving Day) this weekend on Sunday, October 4/2015 @ Hora Arsedi in Bishoftu City. Irreechaa is the biggest religious event whereby millions of Oromos across the country gather at one place, Hora Arsedi, and praise their WAAQAA that helped them pass from the rainy and dark Ganna Season to Birra, a season that is bright, shiny and full of hopes. The number of Oromos attending this festival has been increasing from year to year. This year alone, more than three million people are expected to be part of this event and this makes IRREECHAA the biggest festival on earth.
However, it has not been promoted so well to make it catch the attention of the world. In this respect, a lot remains to be done. First, the media in the country have to report about it in length giving details as much as they cover and report about other religious and social events in Ethiopia, Africa and other parts of the world. The media, particularly, the broadcast media, in the country has given a very little attention to IRREECHA celebrations. The biggest state broadcaster, EBC, that presents live transmission of Meskel annually and recently did the same for Chambalala, but have made no efforts to do the same for IRREECHAA. What they always do is 20 minutes report during EHUD MEZNAGNA. After that they never mention of IRREECHAA what so ever. What is wrong with ETV when it comes reporting and giving live coverage to IRREECHAA celebrations? The event is taking place in Bishoftu, Ethiopia, not in Mombassa, Kenya. No one understands why the ETV knowingly ignore, an event attended by millions of Oromos and tens of thousands of tourists.
IRREECHA is a religious practice, but in recent days its meaning is not only confined to religion, and it goes beyond that. Oromos from all walks of life , young and old, Christians and muslims, men and women, the Borena and the Barentu, the poor and the rich, the urbanites and the rural residents attend IRREECHAA with one spirit. Nowadays, IRREECHA serves as a platform for the Oromos to connect, share experiences and display their culture to the world. It has now become a forum where Oromos express themselves …their oneness…their unity.
Last year(September, 2014), TVO tried to give a live coverage for the event, however, the live transmission was stopped in the middle as the Aba Geda of Tullama, Bayana Sanbatoo was addressing the mass. It was really disappointing for those who were following the festival at home on TV.

Irreecha 1 Irrecha 2 Irreecha 3This year, we expect EBC will give alive coverage to IRREECHAA , but if they do not do that it means that they have a real problem with IRREECHAA and of course with the Oromo people.


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