SAY NOIt has been reported that ‘Caffee Oromiyaa’ is going to approve the Addis Abeba Master Plan (the Master Killer as the Oromos call it) in Adama this week.From the very beginning, this Master Plan thing was opposed by all Oromos including those in OPDO and ofcourse it resulted in the death of hundreds of Oromo students in Oromia.Still, the blood thirsty EPDRF government is not listening to the plight of the Oromos and it is continuing with the implimentation of the Master Plan.

The Master Plan, in the name of development, is a plan that aims to evict more than three millions Oromo farmers from their land and facilitate the settlement of privileged ethinic groups of the day in the name of real estates, construction and industrial development there by destroying the culture, languauge and values of the Oromos who lived there for generations. How on earth Oromos become strangers to their own homeland?We call upon the EPRDF governmenent to stop the cleansing of the ethnic Oromo from Addis Abeba/Finfinnee and its surrouding towns in the name of ‘development’.

Our voices should be heard! If EPRDF ignores the outcries of the Oromo people and keep on implementing the plan, then, it will result in bloodshed and cause instability in the region and in the country. One thing, this government should know is that the Oromo youths are so determined to die for the causes of their people more than ever before. The time of chasing, killing, looting and exploiting the Oromo has come to end and it has come to an end forever. We call upon Oromos everywhere in the world and, in Oromia or in the diaspora to unite and stand against this Master Killer of the Oromo farmers. A government that is thinking of ‘development’at the expense of almost half of its total population should go to hell!


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