Narrow Nationalists: Now & Then

Actually, this is not what all Ethiopians think, but still there are elites/political leaders and a significant number of Ethiopians who subscribe to this point of view. The narrow ‘Ethiopian nationalists’ still think this way. These people call others who struggle for the freedom and rights of their people ‘tebab behertegnoch”, however, they are the one who are ”tebab” because they aspire to make others use only one language, practice only one culture and follow only one religion in the name of unity in a country known for its diversity of languages, religions and cultures.

One thing that these narrow Ethiopian nationalists should understand is Ethiopia will never be as they want her to be. It is possible to fantasize it, but impossible to realize it. Period                                                                        12112380_497354143758931_6634909320285755913_n


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