BBC Approves Afan Oromo as one of the Languages Used to Broadcast to Ethiopia


News coming from BBC Afaan Oromoo campaign organizers shows that BBC has approved that it will have Afaan Oromoo as one of its broadcast languages to Ethiopia. The other languages are Amharic and Tigrigna.

For this to happen, the Oromo activists based in the diaspora made a social media campaign after BBC announced in October 2015 that it would start radio broadcasts to Ethiopia and Eritrea, counties where it is believed there is deficiency in democracy.

However, BBC did not make it clear which languages it would use to broadcast to these two countries of the horn of Africa. It would be easier for many to guess that Amharic and Tigrigna will be the broadcast languages  of BBC’s new program to Ethiopia and Eritrea as Amharic is the language that is widely spoken in Ethiopia particularly in cities and towns and Tigrigna is used in Eritrea and Tigray, the northern region of Ethiopia.

Yet broadcasting to Ethiopia only in Amharic and Tigrigna wouldn’t be enough as almost half of the Ethiopian population speak Afaan Oromoo, the language of the Oromo people, the largest ethnic group in the country. Thus, Oromo activists took to the social media and campaigned to make the Oromos and others to sign a petition online. This way, around 40,000 people signed the petition and finally submitted to the BBC and the British government.

Now, news is coming out from the insiders in the BBC that BBC has approved that Afan Oromo will be one of the languages to used to broadcast to Ethiopia; the other languages are Amharic and Tigrigna. BBC has not official made any statements about  it; however,  a trusted source has told the BBC Afan Oromo campaigners about it.

The Oromos are already celebrating the decision by BBC by circulating the news on the social media and expressing their appreciation for the Oromo activists who initiated the campaign  and and made this to happen. They are also praising the BBC for making this historical decision.




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