Killing Oromo students Should Stop!

Oromo students attacked and injured by the Ethiopian Government forces at Haromaya University(November 30/2015)

It has been reported that three Oromo students have been shot dead by the government forces during Oromo students peaceful protest against the infamous Addis Abeba Master Plan at Haramaya University and about 100 students have been injured. Whenever you ask for your rights, EPRDF answers your questions with bullets…what a terrible government we have had for more than two decades now.

In the name of ‘development’, the government pays 50 or 100 thousand birr ($2500 or $5000)to an Oromo farmer for a hectare of land and sell it to the so called investor for 30/40 million birr ($1.5ml 0r $2ml). The Oromo farmers can do little or nothing with that compensation money..then they become guards to the property of the investor or he becomes a beggar on the street. Their children will stand on the streets as they don’t have job or they will be loading or unloading building materials with meager payment for the investors who bought their land that once employed them and provided with what they needed in their lives.

And that is what the Addis Abeba Master Plan aims to do to our framers..evict them from their land with very little compensation leaving them wonder what the future will hold for them..destroying their families..destroying their language, values, culture, identity and weakening their representation in the country’s politics.

Finfinnee/Addis Abeba has been growing at the expenses of the Oromo farmers since its foundation. Oromos have benefitted no or little from the growth of the capital city though it is located at the heart of Oromia Regional State and is using the resources of the Oromo people. The FDRE constitution (article 49) recognizes this fact; however, EPRDF is still unwilling to implement it

How long this dictatorial government continues killing Oromo students for demanding their rights? For the last two decades, the EPRDF government has been killing the Oromos instead of answering their questions.No single year has passed since this government came to power without  Oromo students killed for peacefully protesting against the measures taken by the government to evict the Oromos from their land in the name of investment.

We recall that EPRDF government army slaughtered many of our brothers and sisters in Ambo in May2014 in the same incident simply because the students demanded the rights of their people to be respected and protected.


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