EPRDF Security Forces Kill Dozens of Oromo Students!

Photos: Oromo students tortured and killed by the Ethiopian security forces in 2014 &2015 

These are pictures of Oromo students killed, tortured and beaten up by the EPRDF forces (Federal Police & Agazi especail forces) this year. Oromo students faced all these ill-treatments simply because they protested peacefully and demanded that the government should stop implementing the illegal and unconstitutional Addis Abeba Master Plan that evicts millions of Oromos from their ancestral land when implemented.

Oromo students from elementary schools, high schools and universities in Oromia held a peaceful protest against the Master Plan (the master killer as it is known among the Oromos) that is primarily designed to expand the capital city at the expenses of the Oromo farmers. The master plan is not at all in the best interest of the Oromos who own the land around the city.

The party that led the country for more than tow decades now, the EPRDF, never  discussed about the Master Plan with the people whose lives are directly affected by it. They just designed the plan and wanted to implement it; however, it has not been so easy as they first thought it would be. The Oromo students who always been the voices of the Oromo people opposed the plan and took to the street last year( in May 2014), but they were mercilessly killed (more than 100 students ); many injured; many fired from schools and many more were taken to jails.

Again this year, Oromo students are peacefully protesting against the Master Plan since last week as the government insisted that it would implement it at whatever costs. This recent attack also resulted in the  deaths of  four students so far (two at Haramaya University and two in Gulliso, West Wellega).

In an effort to silence the voices of young Oromo men and women, EPRDF has opted killing them brutally. How long will EPRDF keep on killing, torturing and killing our students? Something needs to be done about it.



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