Am not professionally a poet
But I wanted to write verses
To express my pain and say how I feel
About ill-treatment of my people

To take our fertile land
The rulers work day and night
We always live with fright
As they kill us mercilessly
When we ask our constitutional right

Here comes Integrated Master Plan
To take our towns and cities
Burayu, Legatafo, Sabata and Galan
Bushoftu, Sandafa,Holota and Dukem
Alemgena,Sululta and Addis Alem
Our kids being killed with live bullet
For staging a peaceful protest
In pain and agony
They are dying on the streets
With their books and pens in grips
The federal police and the Agazi
killing and torturing them with frenzy

Oh,Waaqaa, how can I seat
And see my sisters soaked with blood?
How can I accept my brothers
lying on the ground shot in the head?
No!No!No! I can’t
I can’t bear it anymore
I will join my brothers and sisters
And die with them for sure!

Yea, we can no more sit and see them wipe us out
It’s time for us to come and unite
Against the Agazi, we take up the fight
That is how we can get back our right! ‪#‎OromoProtests‬ ‪#‎Oromoo‬


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