Silence is not consent;it is a way of expressing Dissent!

Silence is consent  the saying goes

For these young people, however,

That doesn’t make sense

Indeed, their silence

A different meaning it has

It emits  a powerful message

Telling their pain, agony and grudge

Practically speaking,

The abusers wanted them to be violent

As a means to kill  them and torment

But they said,

If speaking causes  death and damage

Is it not better to be quite and silent?

But still say that killing is not right


For them, silence is no more consent

Rather a nonviolent way to reject and resist

And express disobedience and dissent

Against repressive and brutal action of tyrant

They are determined to face the challenge

Making  a clear and bold statement

That they are adamant and persistent

Silent but so determined,

Loudly speaking  that killing and torture

of their people must come to end!  #Oromoprotests #Oromo #Ethiopia




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