The Current Situations in Oromia needs Attention of International Community

For almost two weeks now, Oromo students (but recently everybody) are protesting against the government’s plan to expand, the capital city, Addis Abeba, to nearby towns and Woredas in the Oromia region.

However, the government forces are using excessive forces and killing unarmed and peacefully protesting people. Various reports show that so far 8 people have been killed by the government forces in different parts of Oromia. Most information about this dire situation reaches the public via social media (facebook,twitter, soundcloud), OMN & ESAT. However, the international media such as CCTV, BBC and Aljazeera are keeping a blind eye to the crisis that is engulfing the country.

Where is Grum Chala of CCTV? I don’t exactly understand what this journalist is doing sitting at the center of the city? Oh, sorry, CCTV is the Chinese version of EBC….both media care about development and developmental states. For them, human rights violation (killing, torturing, jailing and arbitrary arrests) deserves no media attentions. They are busy reporting the miracle economic success of this great country where millions of people are starving to death and thousands tortured and killed by government forces for demanding their constitutional rights.

It is sad that Aljazeera, that appears to serve as the voice of the voiceless worldwide ignored this horrible situation though it has correspondents based in Ethiopia and Kenya. The crimes that the government forces are committing against unarmed and peacefully protesting Oromo students, farmers, teachers and factory workers deserves to get the attention of the international community.‪#‎Oromoprotests‬ ‪#‎Ethiopia‬ ‪#‎Aljazeera‬ ‪#‎CCTV‬ ‪#‎BBC‬‪#‎EBC‬

Oromo students killed and tortured  by governemnt forces in the current Oromo students protest against Addis Ababa’s master plan


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