Oromos Living in Norway Stand in Solidarity with Oromo Students brutalized at home

Oromos in Bergen (Norway)making rallies in solidarity with Oromo students brutalized by TPLF government, December 10/2016

Oromos living in Bergen(Norway) and its surrounding areas made a rally today(10/12/2015) to express their solidarity with the Oromo students killed and brutalized by the TPLF led Ethiopian government. They emphatically condemned the brutal and inhumane actions taken against the unarmed and peacefully protesting students.

Filled with anger and rage, they demanded the TPLF goverment to stop killing Oromo students and terrorising the Oromo people who are asking their constitutional rights. The ralliers also asked the Norwegian government to put pressure on TPLF government that is mercilessly killing and torturing Oromo students who opposed the illegal eviction of their parents from their land. They said instead of addressing their demands, the government opted to terrorize and brutalize them with guns through out the Oromia Region.

In the same development, the Oromo diaspora in America, Australia, Britian, Germany, Canada, Sweden and South Africa made rallies to show their solidarity with the Oromo students  who are being killed by the TPLF government in Ethiopia. During the rallies, they asked the western governments to stop giving tax payers money in the form of aid for the Ethiopian government that uses the aid money for buying weapons to kill people it is supposed to rule .

For the last two weeks now, the Oromo students and local Oromos are peacefully protesting against Addis Abeba Master Plan that aims to expand the capital city, Addis Abeba into neighboring towns and counties in the Oromia regional state. Various reports show that the government forces have killed dozens of people (mainly students), injured hundreds and jailed thousands  in different parts of Oromia region.

Watch the video of the demonstration @Oromo Community in Bergen & its surrounding areas made a rally to show their solidarity with the Oromo students killed in Oromia, Ethiopia.


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