By: Milkissa Ch.

I weep, weep and weep!
Don’t exactly remember
How many nights
I spent without sleep

I weep for you my people
A bitter tears of sorrow
I deeply feel your pain
My tears never stop to drain
My people,
You went out peacefully to the street
Just to demand your right
But they slaughtered you
With the utmost cruelty
Like those animals they use for festivity

My People,
No one is willing to see your plight
Even the Almighty Waaqaa,
Who is omnipotent and omnipresent
Whom you always trusted
Opted to remain dumb and silent
At the time you needed him the most
Leaving you all alone to lament
May be he too is taking side with the tyrant

No! No! No! No!
My people,
I should stop weeping
As it results in nothing
Now, your sons and daughters
Are determined to end your suffering
Here they are in contention and strife
They will get rid of your torturers
By giving their priceless life

Note: I write this poem in memory of Oromo students brutally gunned down by the Ethiopian forces for peacefully protesting against the Addis Abeba’s (Ethiopia’s Capital) Master Plan to the areas in the Oromia region, one of the nine regional states in Ethiopia and home to the Oromo ethnic group that make 40% of the 95 million Ethiopian population.

The Oromo are politically, economically and culturally marginalized by successive Ethiopian regimes. Now, the Addis Abeba Master Plan aims to evict millions of Oromo farmers from around the city leaving them in poverty, destroying their culture, language and identity. Oromo students across the Oromia peacefully protested against this Master Plan, but they were mercilessly killed, the government forces tortured and jailed.Various Reports show that more than 20 students have been killed….it is very difficult to verify the exact number of victims as their are no free and independent media in the country.




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