OPDO has no power to Cancel the Master PLan

The Oromo People’s Democratic Organization(OPDO) Central committee issued an statement saying that the Addis Ababa and Oromia Special Zone Integrated Development Plan (aka the Master Plan) is suspended. The centeral committee convened in Adama Galma Aba Gada Hall for three days (Jan 10-12/2016) to deliberate on the crisis in the Oromia region that has been going on for almost three months now.

OPDO’s statement has not convinced by the Oromos as many believe that the statement is mischievous. When Oromo students from primary to higher institutions went to the streets protesting against the Master Plan that will eventually evicts more than two million Oromo farmers, the government forces responded with heavy hands killing hundreds of students. OPDO as it is an arrogate of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the dominant party in EPRDF, it couldn’t answer the questions of the Oromo people regarding the Master Plan. Practically, the questions of the Oro people is not only limited to the Master Plan though it is the immediate cause of the protests.  Oromos have a multitude of questions that need answers such as self autonomy, control of own resources, developing one’s culture, and so on, however, the TPLF led EPRDF failed to address it for the last 25 years it has been on power.

OPDO, a pseudo Oromo polotical Organization,  is part of Ethiopian People’s Democratic Front (EPRDF), the Coalition that is ruling the country since 1991, after removing the military government that ruled the country for 17 years. The Oromo people don’t see OPDO as a genuine political organization that represents the interest of the Oromo people, the single largest ethnic group in Ethiopia accounting 40% of the Ethiopian population.

The statement that OPDO has cancelled the Master Plan is only a joke as OPDO has no political power to do that as it has proved to us in the last 25 years. Their masters, who engineered the Master Plan, from the very beginning should come out and tell us in a plain language that the plan has been totally cancelled.

And that is not enough by itself though.They should apologize the Oromo people for the damages that has been done to them. They should also be willing to bring those who killed and maimed hundreds of the peaceful protesters to justice.They should also unconditionally release thousands of people who were arrested during the protests. Moreover, they should order Agazi and the regular army that is terrorizing the people, as we speak, to leave Oromia as quickly as possible. Unless otherwise, the Oromo people will keep on demanding their rights paying all the costs that is required of them.

Watch OPDO Centeral Committee’s Statement on the Cancellation of Addis Abeba & Oromia Specail Zone Integerated Master PLan on EBC




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