Press Briefing with H.E. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Cancelled

A press briefing with Dr. Tewoderos Adhanom, Ethiopian Foreign minister, scheduled to take place  today (Jan 13/206) with the title:

Ethiopia: Regional Powerhouse or Hostage of Horn of Africa’s troubles?

EU-Ethiopia Partnership: What is in it for Europe?

has been cancelled. The website of Brussels’s Press Club Europe where the event was supposed to happen reads’ Event Cancelled Press Briefing with H.E. Dr.Tewoderos Adhanom, Ethiopian Foriegn Minister’.

Dr. Tewoderos has been in Brussels for official visit where he met EU officials for two days (12&13 January/2016). Before Dr. Tewoderos’s visit, the EU representatives met on Monady, 11January2016 to deliberate on the current situations in Oromia region of Ethiopia. So far, however, EU hasn’t made public statemnt on what kind of decisions it has reached regarding the Oromo protests that resulted in the death of more than 140 people according to Human Rights Watch . It is believed that the EU representatives have asked Dr. Adhanom, a multitude of tough questions about the current situations in Ethiopia and the Oromo Protests in particular.

No explanation has not been given why the press briefing with the Ethiopian Foreign minister has been cancelled.



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