Addis Standard asks,”Why is Ethiopia killing its people again?”

Addis Standard

Addis Standard  (print version) in its January edition devoted its entire cover page to the Oromo protests with a striking and bold question, “Why Ethiopia is Ethiopia killing its people again?

The magazine has also covered many other topics related to the Oromo protests that have been going on in Oromia region of Ethiopia for almost three months now. The Oromo Protests are protests against the Ethiopia’s government plan to expand the capital city Addis Abeba into the Oromo land that would eventually evict more than two million Oromo farmers from their land. Since the protests began, more than 140 people have been killed, hundreds maimed and tortured; thousands arrested.

Addis Stanadard has courageously reported the Oromo issues giving it a large coverage in a country where writing has become a crime; freedom of expression is too restricted by a draconian 2009 anti terrorism law.. No other domestic media has had such a take on the Oromo Protests as Addis Standard did.

Addis Standard’s January edition attracted the attention of many people as social media users shared it on their facebook and twitter. BBC’s Focus on Africa Presenter Peter Okoche was among those whose attention was caught by Addis Standard’s cover page. He interviewed the representative of Ethiopian Embassy in London, Abiy Birhane, based on Addis Standard’s coverage. However, Abiy downplayed the magazine’s report  saying that it sensationalized the story to become popular.

Addis Standard is a monthly English private magazine based in Addis Abeba; published and distributed by JAKENN Publishing P.L.C. Addis Standard magazine and web have been established in Feb. 2011 as designated public forum for its readers to inform and educate as well as for the discussion of issues of concern to its audience.


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