Jimma University Website Hacked

Jimma University’s website has been hacked by Oromo hacktivists to oppose the killings of Oromo protesters by the Ethiopian security forces. So far, 140 have been killed according to Human Rights Watch Report. Hundreds of people have been maimed and more than 5 thousand people have been arrested.

The Oromo Protests are protests against the government’s plan to incorporate the Oromo towns and counties into the capital city Addis Abeba in the name of development. The protests began by elementary and high school students in Ginci, a small town 80kms west of Addis Abeba and then swept the whole Oromia region like a wild fire.

The hackers are attacking the Ethiopian government institution’s website showing their solidarity with the Oromo people who are being killed in cold blood for demanding their constitutional rights.

We recall that the hacktivists attacked websites of Ethiopian National DefenseDire Dawa University & Oromia Radio and Television Organization a month ago. Jimma University


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