Haile Gebresilassie says ‘Democracy is a luxury for Africans’

At the critical time Africans are striving to establish democracy and democratic institutions in a continent that has been suffering from the lack of democracy and good governance for many decades, Haile Gebresilassie says,” Democracy is a luxury for Africans.”

In an interview he gave to the BBC, the most successful athlete, Haile G/Silassie said that “democracy is a luxury” for Africans and what Africans need is a “good governance”. But the question is what kind of good governance can exist with out democracy as good governance can only be achieved only through democracy. It is clear that Haile is giving priority to development as many Africans are living in poverty. However, many development efforts have failed in Africa due to the absence of democracy.

Democracy is not a luxury, but a necessity for Africans to achieve peace, stability and development. Haile has failed to understand how Africans are thirsty of democracy where they can decide on the issues that matters to them the most.Even though Haile G/Silassie has the right to say whatever he wants, utterances of this kind from him is really discouraging for those Africans who are paying paying their lives to make sure that Africans enjoy democracy.

In 2020, Haile aspires to be the president of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE), yet democracy is not on his table. Gashe Haile, we have had enough of dictatorial and autocratic presidents and prime ministers and we don’t need Haile as a president as he won’t be any different from the previous ones. He needs to take Democracy101 course before he ever thinks of becoming a leader of Ethiopia, a country that is on a verge of collapse due to the lack of democracy.

Listen to Haile G/Silassie’s Interview with the BBC @BBC RADIO NEWS

Haile Gebresilassie

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