History will never Forget Oromo Heroes & Heroines killed by the Ethiopian Armed Forces!

We Oromos are proud of the 400+ Oromo heroes and heroines who selflessly gave up their precious souls so that We the Oromos live with dignity, control our resources and decide our destiny. They have showed us what it means to die for justice, freedom and equality.

We will never forget them. History will never forget them. They are the winners and the killers are big losers! Because of them we can now hold our heads high…because of them the future looks bright…because of them our enemies are living in endless fear..because of them those who degraded us for about a century began to show us some respect…because of them the world came to know about us…because of them we came to realize that it is better to die than live under the yoke of slavery, oppression, exploitation and dehumanization.


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