TPLF ‘cadre journalists’ are campaigning against Oromoprotests

TPLF ‘cadre journalists’ spearheaded by foul mouthed Mimi Sibatu are tirelessly campaigning against the ‪#‎Oromoprotests‬ and they are calling the Oromo people who took part in the protests ‘terrorists’ and ‘jihadists’.

Actually, they are saying this out of fear and frustrations. The determination of the Oromo youth (Qeerroo) selflessly giving up their lives for the rights and freedom of their people is making them sleepless and they have to propagate false and made up stories to blacken the legitimate demands of the Oromo people.

These so called journalists are peeing on themselves. They are so confused as they couldn’t comprehend to what extent the Oromprotests have rocked the TPLF led Ethiopian government that clung to power for 25 years against the will of the Ethiopian people. They are trying to downplay the genuine causes the Oromo people are dying for.

If there is anyone who regards Mimi Sibatu as a journalist, he/she must have a problem in the head. Personally, I don’t see her different from those Agazi forces that are mercilessly killing school children, pregnant women and elderly people in a broad day light.


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