Oromo Students from Addis Abeba University Staged Demonstrations in front of US Embassy in Addis Abeba

Oromo Students from Addis Abeba  University protested against the killings of Oromos by the Ethiopian security forces on Tuesday (8March2016) in front of the American Embassy in Addis Abeba .


Oromo AAU
Photo: Oromo students from Addis Abeba University protesting in front of the US Embassy in Addis Abeba, 8March2016

Dozens of Oromo students from different campuses came together and traveled to the American Embassy located at the Shiromeda area. They held with them white cloth to show that they are peaceful and they also had placards denouncing the brutal actions of the Ethiopian government against the Oromo protesters who are demanding their constitutional rights (self rule, control over resources &democracy) for the last for months.

The students made the demonstrations to bring the sitaution in Oromia to the attention of the US government that is number one donor to the Ethiopian government. The students were, however, attacked by the security forces, and the demonstration was dispersed. In connection with the demonstrations, 11 Oromo students have been detained and their whereabouts is not known.

These 11 students are

1) Soressa Dame, Chemical Engineering 4th yer
2) Dabala Fayissa, Civil Engineering 4th year
3) Gudina Tesfaye, Management 2nd year
4) Sabre Mohammed (Female), Afan Oromo 3rd year
5) Bilisumma Birhanu, Economics 2nd year
6) Teressa Asnake, Eeconomics 2nd year
7) Eshetu Dejene, economics 2nd year
8) Ejigu Qabata, Economics 2nd year
9)Almaz Arado , Afan Oromo 3rd year
10) Dereje Tamiru, Economics 2nd year
11) Birhanu Badhadha, Public Administration, 1st year



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