Bule Hora University Awards Honorary Doctorate Degree to Oromo Elderly wisemen

Bula Hora University (Oromia, Ethiopia) has awarded honorary Doctorate to Abba Gadaa Aagaa Xanxannoo, former Abbaa Gadaa of Guji Oromoo & Borbor Bule, a renowned Oromo Gada scholar. I would like to thank Bula Hora University for the recognition it has given to these Oromo elders for their contribution to the revival of the Gada System. Last year, I had the opportunity to meet Borbor Bule when I traveled to Borena for a research work and this was what I wrote about him and shared h on facebook at that time.

Milkiisaa Cimdeessaa's photo.
Photo of Borbor Bule (after he received his honorary Doctorate Degree from Bule Hora University

“During my stay in Borena, I talked to the Borena elders, particularly, Borbor Bulle, the man who is known in the whole Borena for his knowledge of history, culture and values of the Borena Oromo. Many researchers, particularly, in the area of social anthropology, such as Professor Asmerom Legesse, Dr. Gemechu Megersa and many others have used this man as a key informant for writing their PhD theses and other researches on the Borena Oromo. Some people say he is a living book.

He knows every details about the Borena Oromo and its institutions. Ask him about the Gada System, and he will narrate it to you beautifully. Speak to him about marriage, and he will tell you about it more than what you need. What about traditional conflict resolution? He will explain it to you in an amazing way. Everybody knows him. Mention Borbor Bule to an ordinary Borena guy and he will say, ” Borbor Bule you are asking? He is the the Hayyu Duree (expert) of the history and culture of the Borena Oromo.” Even children as young as Naabeek (my four year old son) knows about Borbor Bulle. He has never been to a formal school, but he can read and write. He is never tired of talking about Borena and their culture. Any person/scholar who wants to conduct his study on the Borena Oromo, the first thing s/he needs to do is speaking to Borbor Bule.

Any research on Borena that doesn’t incorporate Obbo Borbor Bule’s narration is not worth reading. Obbo Borbor Bule is in his early 70’s, has seven children and lives in Dubuluk, a small town, about 60kms far from the capital, Yabello. He is physically huge and you can spot him from anywhere.

I am so happy that I have had the privilege to speak to Obbo Borbor Bule with whom I talked for more than two hours. Let Waaqaa give him more years to live so that he will share his endless knowledge to the young generation.”

Photo: With Borbor Bule @ Dubuluk, Borena (May2015)


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