Dare You Touch Me Agazi!

Dare you touch me Agazi!
The sight of you drives me crazy
And don’t expect me to run
Ain’t afraid of your gun
The least you can do to me
Is killing as for you it has been a fun

Dare you touch me!
I just tell you in the face
If you don’t know me in case
I am old
But my heart is defiant &bold
So determined I am
To die with honour & grace
Demanding my freedom & rights
Stripped of me by you- the faceless brutes!

Old Oromo man
Photo: An old Oromo man facing off Agazi during #OromoProtests in Oromia region of Ethiopia on August6,2016

NB: Agazi is a word that refers to Ethiopian special security forces that are notoriously known for killing, torturing and intimidating the public that demand their constitutional rights.





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