Dictatorial regimes in East Africa and EU refugee crisis


I am writing this piece a few minutes after listening live on TV to Jean-Claude Juncker’s, European Commission President, speech announcing plans that will offer a “swift, determined and comprehensive” response to Europe’s migrant crisis.  In his speech, Junker made a reference to the main sources and origins of the refugee crisis – war torn countries and dictatorial regimes. There is no controversy regarding which countries were torn apart by war and their people are dislocated en mass.

However, while allocating a share of the blame to dictatorial regimes, Junker mentioned only one country, Eritrea!  There is no doubt that Eritera is being ruled by a dictator, who rules with iron fist, shattering hopes and dreams of Eritreans who fought to gain freedom from Ethiopia.

If we want to understand and explain the number of refugees genuinely originating from East Africa, however, putting the blame squarely on the Eritrean dictator…

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