By:Β Ogessa Durii

–Nothing New —
Many, rightfully, assert that this declaration by the Ethiopian-regime [on October 9th, 2016] doesn’t change the circumstances on the ground, because the regime has already been acting for months,
de facto, with the full-power and to the full-effect that such constitution-waiving declaration confers.

— “Rising Ethiopia” dead —
This declaration confirms legally now that the notion of a democratic and developing State of Ethiopia is DEAD, by the admission of the regime itself.

–True meaning of the declared “State of Emergency” —
The real tragedy of this tactical pivot is probably now the commencement of a heinous campaign of genocide and ethnic cleansing by the regime’s security apparatus at levels and proportions never seen before. There is more than enough evidence already to fear that this is, however farcical it may appear, is a “legal” pretext or cover for mass killings of innocents at an unforeseen and unprecedented scale. There evidence is compelling, and in fact overwhelming, to accept that this is the scenario the rogue and psychopathic elements in the regime are capable of, and see as a way for them to deal with this catastrophe.

Of course, the world would continue to watch it on their screens. It is no guarantee that it would intervene in any meaningfully game-changing manner.

πŸ’₯ Let us recall, again, that it took the well orchestrated massacre of over 480,000 people, and displacement of over 2.8 million that prompted the Western Powers to literally bring their full political, military and diplomatic weight to bear, in bringing to an end the genocide and create the current state of South Sudan.

πŸ’₯ By 2008, the Congo-civil war and its aftermath had caused 5.4 million deaths, without any considerable international public awareness, leaving aside any form of meaningful intervention. Hence, dubbed the “world war” nobody knows about, except of course the multi-national companies that were digging up diamonds and many more in this probably most resource rich country in the continent.

πŸ’₯ Remember the Rwandan genocide.

πŸ’₯ Remember the Palestinian quagmire.

The protesting Oromo nation, and the other oppressed people of Ethiopia have only ONE AVENUE LEFT to them for freedom, and even survival, at this point: ARMED RESISTANCE within and from without, against the Ethiopian regime’s military apparatus.

–Current methods of struggle will not work —
❖ Snipers and sparse presence of security forces will be replaced by thousands of army in each city throughout the protesting regions.
❖ They will not shoot people on the streets, they shall burn residences, and they shall kill at levels unseen before, with no distinction of protesting or not-protesting as they have already commenced.
Remember, they have moved out Tigrean residents from these regions already, a possible act of quarantine, isolating the “problem.”
❖ Any sort of public movement can and will be completely halted through sheer overwhelming lethal power by the security forces; so no burning of regime institutions (if any left) or semblance of normalcy can even be thought of by the public.
❖The security apparatus has every weapon of destruction and carnage at its disposal with utter impunity and authorization for six months or more. Translation: until every perceived threat is lethally eliminated.

— Inescapable conclusion —
Killings and destruction is sure either way, but with growing lethal response through armed resistance by the people, there is a sure possibility of ending this carnage that would otherwise go on unabated. It will also guarantee the reality of freedom and democracy for the people. The current avenues of struggle can not withstand what this “State of Emergency” could unleash and is guaranteed to cause the slaughter of innocents in unimaginable proportions.

— Achievable goal —
Oromo nationals everywhere and other Ethiopians MUST mobilize all resources that they can muster to make the FINAL STAND!!! It is DO OR DIE!!!

Everything is fluid, the entire dynamic changes in response to inputs : The people’s, TPLF’s, International. Lethal/armed response IS THE ONLY INPUT at this point #OromoRevolution , #EthiopiaRevolution has control over, in order to steer the movement in its favor and towards its stated goals.


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