The US expresses its concern about the Detention of Merera Gudina (PhD), a prominent Oromo Politician

The government of the United States of America has expressed its concern regarding the detention of Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) chairman, Merera Gudina (PhD).

At a press briefing on Thursday, the state department deputy spokesperson, Mark C.Toner said

”We’re obviously aware that the Oromo Federal Congress chairman Dr. Merera Gudina has been detained by the Ethiopian Government. We’re concerned about this report. We strongly encourage the government to make public any charges it has brought against Dr. Merera.”

Mr. Toner also said that the arrest of Merera (PhD) is another indication of the restriction of independent voices  in Ethiopia. He added the state of emergency is being used to silence dissidents and deny the Ethiopian citizens from exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

”If true, this arrest is yet another example of increasing restrictions on independent voices in Ethiopia and, frankly, further reinforces our view that Ethiopia’s declared state of emergency is perhaps being used to silence dissent and deny the constitutionally protected rights of Ethiopia’s citizens. And that’s contrary, I would say, to the promises of political reform made by the Ethiopian Government when the state of emergency was announced, so we’re watching it very closely.”

Image result for images of merera gudina
Merera Gudina (PhD), a retired University professor and a prominent Oromo Politician

Merera, was detained on Wednesday (November 3o/2016) at his home along with four people  hours after he returned from Europe after explaining the current political crisis and human rights situations in Ethiopia to the European Union. He is accused of violating the rules of the state of emergency by meeting what the government called ‘a terrorist organization’.


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