The European Commission rebukes the Ethiopian government

The European Commission issued statement on Friday (2 Dcember 2016) warning the Ethiopian government to “start addressing the legitimate grievances of the Ethiopian people”.The statment was made after the arrest of Merera Gudina (PhD), a veteran Oromo opposition political party leader who was arrested by the Ethiopian security forces hours after he returned from Europe. At the European Union hearing about the political crisis in Ethiopia, he spoke against the state of emergency that was declared in October this year after a year long protests that rocked the Oromo and Amhara regions.

The European Commision spokeswoman on Friday said that the Ethiopian government should engage in political dialogue and interaction to start addressing the grievances of the Ethiopian people. She also added that the state of emergency should be implemented respectful of human rights and

She emphasized that the arrest of Mr. Gudina is therefore detrimental to process the process of reconciliation and dialogue that the EU was eager to support. She also called the Ethiopian government to clarify the situation.


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