The Qube Saga: Another Attack on the Oromo People

By: Tullu Liban

The change to Qube sequence has gone virial on social and mainstream media this time around. OPDO officials came out on TV screen to deny and or defend the change in a hair-raising way. One of the defenders who appeared on Oromia Radio and Television (who presumably presented himself as a language scholar), tried to explain the “rational” of the Qube change, though implausibly. He mentioned 5 points, defined as reading components viz. phonological awareness, grapho-phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.
There are plenty of reasons that retrigger linguistic and pedagogical questions in these claims. Are they really the causes to change the sequence of Oromo alphabet? The OPDO officials/experts denied the change to ABCD sequence in Afan Oromo curriculum. However, they couldn’t hide that the teaching method for Afan Oromo from grade 1 to 8 has been changed as far as Oromo language teaching is concerned. What does that mean? On the one hand they say Oromo alphabet order is not changed. On the other they tell us the order is changed from ABCD to LAGM? Are they confused or try to confuse us? Leaving aside the denial tricks, let us raise some mechanical (writing), linguistic and pedagogical points.

1. The issue of mechanics (grapho-phonemics)

The OPDO TV panellists said “L” letter is the simplest sign for children to write. As we all know, Qube alphabet has got two sets of signs, which are different in shape-small and capital (lower case and upper case). Which of the signs the OPDO linguists are talking about “l” or “L”? If they are talking about small “l”, yes, one needs to write only one vertical line and if that is the case what should logically follow is ‘i’ not “a” or A, then “j” not, “g” or “G”. If they are talking about capital “L, it needs to draw two lines, vertical and horizontal and connect them at the bottom end, and the logic of simplicity becomes questionable. In that case one may probably accept the logic of drawing two lines to write “A” capital. But it needs three lines, the two which form a coned shape and connected them at the middle by another line. Worse, yet, “g” or “G” are entirely different in shape from both “L” and “A”. Where is the mechanics of simplicity, then? This fact automatically dismisses the simplicity of visual and mechanical logic claimed for writing the letters.

2. The issue of frequency of “L” sound (phonological awareness)

The magic of “L” sound in Afan Oromo is simply a surprise for one to believe. What is the magic for frequency of an “L” sound in Afan Oromo? What special linguistic quality makes it appear repeatedly when all sounds have equal value in the language? Moreover, in which text and in how many written materials the magic sound occurred in the so-called Primerpro software? What is the factor that triggered the recurrence of an “L” sound? Even if that is true, can an expert experiment become a cause to change a nation’s curriculum? There is no sufficient evidence as yet provided by the OPDO “experts” to defend their “discovery”.

3. Reading components?

The OPDO “expert” claimed fluency, vocabulary and comprehension has stirred the change to alphabetical order. These concepts have nothing to do with alphabet teaching or ability of alphabet discrimination. Alphabet is learned in preschool classes and in the case of rural Ethiopia in grade one. Alphabet teaching is not an all time exercise (from grade 1-8). However, fluency in reading, vocabulary mastery and comprehension skills are a lifetime exercise. How on earth these components serve to change sequence of a language alphabet. How much can kids read at grade one in a country like Ethiopia and what does it have with the shapes of alphabets?

4. A Counter argument

If one tries to group sounds, here is linguistic argument. One can arrange sounds based on linguistic features, in their point and manner of articulation instead of the shape of the letters that represent them. For instance, one can argue “K”, “G and “Q” are produced in the same area in oral cavity, so it is easy for children to memorize them if they are put in sequence in alphabet teaching. The same logic works for “T” and “X” of Oromo Qube and “S” and “Sh” alike. Thus, the change made to Afan Oromo alphabet has nothing to do with linguistic features.

5. Confusion of alphabets in two languages

The OPDO officials/experts talked that English alphabets will continue to be taught to children in the natural order of ABCD. As we all know, English teaching starts in grade one in Ethiopian schools. One can imagine the benefit of learning the alphabets in the two languages alike. Why do they create this confusion to children, while it is not in the interest of the children (as we watched on Oromia Television a teacher in Sululta reflecting students’ dissatisfaction and that of the teachers with the confusion of changing the alphabets)?

6. The psycholinguistic factor

One of the TV interviewees was heard saying psycholinguistic method was one of the factors that triggered the change (means, cognitive faculty captures simple words than complex ones). Apparently this claim sounds logical. But what has it got with learning “l” first and “a” next? Is “a” difficult than “l”? Dr. Firdisa Jabessa, an established educator at Addis Ababa University, told a journalist while asked the change OPDO made to Qube, that children first pronounce “A” and “B” when they learn talking at toddler stage, not “L”. They start with “Aba”. This is true for all children in the world.

7. The socio-linguistic factor
Since the coming to effect of Qube, Oromos know Qube in the order they have learnt it from day one of their acquaintance with the writing system. Kids chanted ABCD, renowned singers including Ali Birra, produced pieces of lyrics and Oromos across the world cherished ABCD unanimously. Why the TPLF masters and OPDO surrogates want to intervene in this public business? Don’t they know, the level of Oromo attachment to the Qube issue?

8. Detachment from the world
One would hardly believe that Oromo children are less intelligent than the children around the world to learn their alphabet. There is no a story of similar step where countries or communities changed their regular alphabet to teach them to their children. Alphabet teaching is not a rocket science. It needs a lot of elements to help children identify alphabets and read texts properly. Therefore, to alter the order of alphabets known to the world has nothing to do with teaching letters.
Aleqa Kidanewold Kifle, an Amharic lexicographer argues (may be before 50 years back) that Amharic should change its alphabet order from “ሀ ለ” to “አ በ ገ ደ” because the world alphabets start with “A”.

9. The true reason for kids to fail to identify alphabets

One of the scary reasons is that the majority of kids in Oromia are unable to read and write when they complete first cycle school (grades 1-4) is a policy issue. This fact is boldly told to the public by one of the OPDO officials during the TV briefing, though those who are aware of the current Ethiopian education system prettily know it. The major problem here is the so-called self-contained system where one teacher is assigned for the kids to teach all subjects in the first cycle.
Moreover, there are a lot of factors that affect the learning-teaching process at this formative stage, some of which are lack of well trained teachers, teacher-student ratio (up to 80 students in a class room), textbook-student ration, lack of pedagogical facilities such as teaching aids, (fillip chart, flash card, picture books, realia, paly boars etc.), lack of motivation from the part of the teachers, lack of incentive and party membership nepotism, lack of academic freedom among others

10. Preschool policy
The Ethiopian education system is devoid of a preschool policy. There are no publicly funded preschools or kindergartens in Ethiopia. Cities have an assortment of private preschools and kindergartens but there are fewer or no institutions in rural areas. Typically, the children from poor, urban families or those living in rural areas do not attend preschool at all. That means, children enter grade one before learning how to pronounce and spell sounds. This is a country where 85% of the population lives in rural areas and there is not policy as to how to teach basic alphabets and arithmetic to the kids and there are no preschool institutions. Therefore, one can see no liability in the order of Afan Oromo alphabet for the failure of children to read or write.

11. The undercover project
The fact lies somewhere. The change that OPDO made changes to Qube is a political intrigue, which is part and parcel of destabilizing the Oromo society. Known to all, the OPDO goons would not take any policy initiative by their own be it bad or good. The project owners are the TPLF masters. They want to narrow every space they believe benefiting and promoting Oromia. Afan Oromo is a big capital and a unifying force. TPLF wants to infiltrate in this business and disrupt the pace and progress of Afan Oromo development.


Gabaasa Human Rights Watch kan bara 2016 Itoophiyaa ilaalchisee baasee Afaan Oromootiin

Naannoo guddicha Itiyoopiyaa – Oromiyaa guutuu keessatti Sadaasa bara 2015 eegalee akkasumas naanoo Amaaraatti Adoleessa bara 2016 eegale hirironni gurguddoofi hin eegamne godhamaniiru. Humnoonni tikaaa mootummaa Itoophiyaa haleellaa humnaa hiriirota baayyinaan nagaa turan irratti fudhataniin lubbuu namoota 500 olii galaafataniiru.

Gaafa Onkolooleessa 2 naannoo Oromiyaa magaala Bushooftuutti namoota ayyaana Irreechaa kabajuuf walitti qabaman irratti humnootni tika mootummaa dhukaasaa yeroo bananiifi boombi imimmeessu tuuta ummataatti yeroo darbatan namootni rifatanii baqatan walirra deemuudhan hallayyaatti nam’anii dhumaniiru. Daragaggeeyyin dhumaati Irreechaatin aaran gamoole mootummafi qabeenya dhunfaa tokko tokko irratti tarkaanfi barbadeessu fudhannaan mootummaan gaafa Onkoloolessa 9 labsi yeroo muddamaa garmalee nama ukkamsuu kan ji’oottan 6f turu labse. Labsiin yeroo muddama kun gochoota heeddu haala ifa hin taaneen dhorkuurra darbee mirga yaada ofii bilisaan ibsachuu, mirga gurmaayuufi hiriira nagaa bayuu dhorkeera. Qajeelfamni labsii sana booda bayes tooftaale hunootni tikaa duriyyuu ittiin mirga namaa dhiitaa turan kan akka ajaja mana murtii malee lammilee hidhuufa seera qabeessa godheera.

Hiriironnii mormii kun kan gaggeeffaman haala qaawwaan siyaasa tokkoole hin jirre keessatti ture. Paartiin biyya bulchu teesso paarlaama biyyatti 100% dhuunfatee jira. Dhaabbileen siivikiifi midiyaaleen walabaas bilisaan akka hin hojjanne godhamaniiru. Namoonni ifatti mootummaa hin deeggarre ajaja mana murtii malee nihidhamu, nireebamu.

Itoophiyaan looltoota ishee qama Ergama Gamtaa Afrikaa (AMISOMii) goote gara Somaaliyaatti nibobbaafti. Bara 2016 humna ‘poolisii addaa’ kan furguggifame lolus humna waraana isheetti dabaluun gara Somaliyaatti akka ergite gabaafame ture. Adoolessa bara 2016 humnootni tikaa Itoophiya kan towanno AMISOM jala hin turre yeroo haleella AL-shebaab irratti fudhatan namoota nagaa 14 naanno Beeyiiti ajjeesaniiru. (Boqonnaa Somaliyaa dubbisaa)

Bilisaan walgayuu

Bara 2016 karoorri mootummaan daangaa magaala guddittii Finffinne gara naannoo Oromiyaatti baldhisuuf baasee mormii kutaa Oromiyaa mara waliin gaye kaasee ture. Humnootni tikaa mootummaas mormitoota irratti halellaa cimaa raawwatan. Yaaddon mormitoota karoorri maqaa ‘misooma qindaawa Finfinneefi naannoshe’ jedhamu kun akkuma waggoottan kurnan darban ta’aa turetti qotee bultoota Oromoo lafa isaniira buqqusuuf deema jechuun ture. Ji’a Amajjii bara 2016 Mootummaan karoora guddaa Finfinne mormii kaase kana haqeera jedhus uummanni hin amanne. Sababiin isaammoo mootummichi waadaa seenaa ture hedduusa cabsuun waan beekamuufi. Mormitoonni komee waggoottan kurnan hedduufi haleella humnaa dogoggooraa kan humnootni tikaa fudhatan mormaa turan. Mormitoonni iddo tokko tokkotti badii akka geessisan gabaasni muraasni ni agarsiisu. Garuu bakka baayyeetti mormii isaanii karaa nagaatiin dhageessisaa turan. Ebilaafi Caamsa bara 2014s mormiin walfakkatuufi haleellan humnoota tikaa walfakkaatu fudhatamanii turan.

Yeroo mormiin kun adeemsifamaa ture humnootni tika mootumma Itoophiyaa barattoota kuma kurnaniin lakkaayaman, barsiisota, miseensota paartilee mormituu, hojjattoota fayyaa akkasumas namoota ijoolle poolisii jalaa baqataniif dawoo kennan ykn gargaaran gara mana hidhaattii guuraniiru. Baayyeen namoota hidhamanii turanii hiikamanus namoonni lakkofsi isaanii hin beekamne gargaarsa seeraaffi daawwii maatii malee osoo himanni tokko irratti hin banamiin haga yoonaa mana hidhaa tursiifamaniiru. Hoggannoonni paartilee seeraan galmaayanii socho’anii kan akka paartii Kongirasi Federaalistii Oromoofaa labsii farra shororkeessumaan himatamanii mana hidhaati guuramaniiru. Qabsoo lola-malee jabeessanii barsiisaa kan turan itti aanaa dura taa’aa KFO dabalate hogganoonni marti shorrorkeessuman himatamanii hidhamaniiru.

Ji’a Adoolessaa keessa hidhamuu miseensota komitee eenyumma walqaayit sababeefachuun mormiin gara naannoo Amaarattis babaldhateera. Komiteen kun rakkina daangaa bulchiinsa yeroo dheeraf deebii hin arganne furuuf garee socho’aa turaniidha. Xiyyeeffannoon mormitoota naannoo Amaaraa inni guddaan walcaalmaa hirmaannaa aangoofi dinagdee biyyatti kan warra mootummicha deeggaran addatti fayyadu irratti mormii dhageessisuu ture. Hagayya 6 fi 7 qofatti humnootni tikaa mootumma naanno Oromiyaafi Amaara keessatti namoota 100 ol ajjeesaniiru. Magaala Baahirdaar qofa keessatti namoota 30tu ajjeefame. Magaalli Bahirdaar magaalota mormii uummanni garmalee guddaan irratti hirmaate keessumeessan keessa ishee tokko turte. Naanno Amaaraa guutuu keessatti ummata heddumminaan akka hidhanis gabaafameera.

Naannoo Ummatoota Kibbaa zoonii koonsootti mormii uummanni naannoo koonsoo daangaa bulchiinsa irratti kaase ukkaamsuuf humnootni tikaa mootummaa Itoophiyaa dhalattoota Koonsoo kurnaniin lakkaayaman ajjeesaniiru.

Mootummaan komee mormitoota naannoo Oromiyaa, Amaaraafi Koonsoo irraa ka’e sirnaan deebisuuf fedhii takkallee hin agarsiisne. Inumaayyuu tasgabbii boorayeef sababa kan ta’an dhabamuu bulchiinsa gaariifi hoji dhabdummaa dargaaggootu humnoota alaan garmalee hoo’ifame jedhuun komicha qaama alaatti naanneessan.

Mootummaan ajjeechaa naannoo Oromiyaa, Amaaraafi Koonsootti raawwate sirnaan qorachuuf fedhi takkallee hin agarsiifne. Qaamaa mootummaa kan ta’e komishiniin mirga namoomaa Itoophiyaa Waxabajjii darbee gabaasa paarlaama biyyattiif dhiyeessan keessatti humni humnootni tika mootummaa fayyadaman balaa mormitoonni poolisootarraan gayaniin walbira qabamee yoo ilaalamu humna walmadaalawa fayyadaman jechuun gabaasaniiru. Ragooleen ifatti jiran garuu faallaa gabaasa kanaa agarsiisu.

Labsiin muddamaa Onkolooleesa baye mormii mootumman hin hayyamne mara dhorkeera. Naanoo koomandi poostin murteesse mara keessatti hanga labsiin muddama kun hin kaanetti ajaja mana murtii malee akka fedhanitti nama hidhuus hayyameera.

Poolisiin addaa naannoo somaalee lola adda bilisa baasa Ogaaden (ONLF) waliin gochaa jiru keessatti dhiitta mirga nammooma garmalee guddaa raawwataa jira. Namoota ONLF gargaaru ykn leellisu jedhamanii shakkaman murtoo seeraa malee ajjeesuun, seera malee hidhuufi reebuun gabaafamaa ture. Maatiin namoota daawwanna pirezidaantiin bulchiinsa naanno Somaale Abdii Illey Meelboorn, Awustiraaliyaatti Waxabajjii 12 mormanii Itoophiyaati hidhamaniiru.

Bilisaan yaada ofii ibsachuufi ijaaramuu

Miidiyaan biyyatti ammallee towannoo mootumma jalaa hin kan hin baane dha. Inumayyuu labsii muddama dhuma bara 2016 bayeen towannoon mootumma garmalee itti jabaateera. Kanarra kan ka’e filannoon gaazexeessitoota biyyatti bayyee ofumaa of-dhorkuu ykn reebamuu ykn hid*hamuu ykn biyya baqatanii baduu qofa ta’ee jira. Erga bara 2010 as yoo xinnatee gaazexeessitooni 75 biyya gadhiisani baqataniiru. Gaazexeessitoota doorsissun alattis toftaan mootumman ittin miidiyaa walabaa dangeessu maneen maxxansaa, maxxanssitootafi raabsitoota kiyeesuufaa dabalata.

Gaazexeessitoonni heddun kan akka Iskindir Naggaafi Wubishet Taayyee, namoonni hiriira nagaa irratti hirmaataniifi miseensonni paartilee mormituu maqaa labsii farra shorrorkeessumman hidhamanii jiru. Gaazexeessan Geetacho Shifarra himata mootummaa maqaa balleessu jedhuun yakkamee ji’a Sadaasa keessa hidhaan waggaa tokkoo itti murtaayee jira. Barreessan Zalaalam Wargaagenyahu jedhamus guyyota 700 erga hidhamee booda Caamsa 10 labsii farra shorrorkeessaatiin yakkamee hidhaan waggaa 5fi ji’a 2 itti murtayeera. Gaazexeessa Yusuuf Geetachoos Hagayya bara 2015 erga labsi farra shorrorkeessaan yakkamee waggaa 4 hidhamee booda Fulbaana 10 dhiifamaan mana hidhaatii gadhiifameera.

Mootummaan Itoophiyaa marsariitota dhimmoota ijoo irratti seenessa mootumichaa gaaffii keessa galchaniifi miidiyaalee hawaasa dhaabbataadhaan uggura jira. Kessattuu yeroo wantootni miira namaa tuqan kan akka fixinsa/walirra deddeeminsa Irreechaa dabalatee mootummaan Itoophiyaa intarneetii guutumaa guutuutti cufee ture.

Ji’oota Hagayyaafi Fulbaana keessa mootummichi dhabbatoota radiyoo adunyaa kan akka sagalee raadiyoo Ameerikaafi Docheveeleefa ugguree ture.  Yeroo mormiin ademsifama turetti uummuta kakaasuufi odeeffannoo facaasuu keessatti miidiyaale hawaasaafi dhaabbileen televiziyoona diyaaspoora gahee murteessa taphataniiru. Yeroo labsii muddamaa kanatti uummanni televisiyoonota diyaaspooraa ilaaluunis ta’ee odeeffannoo miidiyaalee hawaasa irraati dhoobuun dhorkameera. Labsiin kun dhaabileen mormituus miidiyaa wajjin akka wal hinqunnamne dhorkeera.

Labsiin dhaabbilee siviiki bara 2009 baye dandeettiifi hojii dhabbilee miti mootumma akkuma laamshessetti jira. Labsichi dhaabbileen siivikii galii isaani 10% ol biyya alaati argatan dhimmota akka mirga namoomaa, bulchiinsaa, nagaa buusuufi mirga dubartootaa, daa’immaniifi qama midhamtootaa irratti akka hin dalagne dhorka.

Imaammata misooma mootummaa qeequun garmalee hamaadha. Aktivistoonni kana godhan himatamaa jiru. Akka fakkeenyaatti dhaddacha Paastar Omoot Agwaa kan bara 2016ti darbe ilaaluun nidanda’ama. Paastar Omot Agwaan yeroo baankin adunyaa badii investimentii baankiin walqabatu tokko qorachuuf garee qorattuu baankii adunyaa gara Itoophiyaatti erge ture garee kanaaf afaan hiikuufi haala mijeessuun nama hojjataa tureedha. Himatni namoota lama Omot wajjin himatamanii Sadaasa darbe addaan citeera. Himatni namoota kana sadan irratti kan baname Fulbaana 7, bara 2015 ta’us kan qabamanii hidhaman garuu buufata xayyaara Booleeti Bitootessa bara 2015 yeroo sagantaan dhimma midhaan nyaatan of-danda’uu Naayiroobi Keniyaatti qophaaye irratti hirmaachuuf imalarra jiran ture.

Hidhaa seeran alaafi dararaa mana hidhaa

Humnootni tikaa mootumma, poolisoonni federaalaa, humnoota waraana, poolisiin addaa akkasumas angawoota tikaa kan siviilii uffatan dabalate hidhamtootni siyaasa akka ofirratti raga bayaniif mana hidhaa dhoksaafi ifaatti beekamutti reebichaafi dararaa heddu rawwataniiru. Namoonni mormii dhiyeenya kanarra qabamani hidhamani turan hedduun isaani mana hidhaattiifi kaampii waraanaatti reebichiifi dararaan akka irra gahee ture himatu. Dubartoonni heddus dhiibbaan saalaafi gudeedamuun akka irra gaye dubbatu. Humnoota tikaa dhiittaa kana fakkaatu raawwatan irratti qorannoofi adambni akka fudhatame wanti ibsu hin jiru.

Himatni pirojaktoonni misooma mootummaa qotee bultoota humnaan lafarra buqqisu jedhu dabalaa dhufe. Babaldhinni magaala Finffinneefi qonni sukkaara mootummaa naanno sulula Oomoo kan uummanni durii 200,000 ta’u keessa jiraatan balaa qotee bultoota humnaan buqqisaa jira jedhama. Hawaasni sulula Oomoo keessa jiraatan lafti margaa isaani jalaa mancayeera, laga Oomoos akka fedhanitti akka hin fayyadamne dhorkamaniiru. Hidhaan Gilgal gibe 3ffaan laga Oomoo duubatti argamu guutuun ji’a Amajjii keessa calqabamee jira, Kanaaf bara 2015 lolaan namtolchee tokkollee hin turre. Angawonni mootummaa bara 2016ti lolaan nigadhiifama jedhanus faallaa waadaa isaani lolaa baayyee xiqqootu ture. Lolaan laga Oomoo kun haroo Turkaanaa guutufi lafa qotiisaa lagicharra jiraniif barbaachisaadha.

Qaamota adunyaa shoora murteessa taphatan

Itoophiyaan arjoota biyya alaafi mootummoota naanooshee irraa gargaarsa guddaa argachaa jirti. Sababni isaas teessoo gamtaa Afrikaa waan taateef, gayee cimaa isheen naanno gaanfa Afrikatti taphattuuf, shoora isheen qama nagaa eegdu mootummoota gamtoomanii keessaatti taphattuuf, dhimmota farra shororkeessummaa, gargaarsaafi baqattoota irratti mootummoota dhiyaa wajjin waan hojjattuuf akkasumas guddina missomaa agarsiisa jirti jedhamuufi. Itoophiyaan baqattoota hedduuf iddoo ka’umsa, ce’umsaafi keessummeessituudhas.

Tarkaanfiin Itoophiyaan mormii dhiyeenya kana ta’an gara jabeenyaan ukkamsuuf fudhattefi labsiin muddamee labsite deeggartootashee yeroo dheera dabalate qaamota heddurra qeeqa ifaafi cimaa hin baratamne hordofsiseera. Gamtaan Afrikaafi Komishiniin mirga ummataafi namoomaa Afrikaa ibsa tarkaanfiin Itoophiyaa nuyaadessera jedhu baasaniiru. Paarlaamaan Awurooppa seeraafi ijannoo cimaa tokko gadhiiseera. Seeneetifi manni maree bakka bu’oota Ameerikaas ibsa cimaa tokko beeksiseera. Komishiniin mirga namooma mootummoota gamtoomani ajjechaa ji’a Adoolessa humnootni tika mootumma fudhatan irratti qorannoon qaama adunyaafi of-danda’ee akka barbaachisu ifatti jala muree gaafateera. Arjoonii biroon akka baankii adunyaa akkuma waan humtu hin taaneetti ibsa ifaafi yaaddoo tokko otoo hin baasiin hojii isaani baratame itti fufanii jiru.

Ji’a Waxabajjii keessa Itoophiyaan qaama naga eegsistu mootummoota gamtoomani taate filatamtee jirti. Garee mirga namooma addaa mootummoota gamtoomanii wajjin hojjachuuf fedhii akka hin qabne seenasheerra osoo beekamuu mana maree mirga namooma mootummoota gamtoomaniitis itti aana pirezedantii taatee jirti. Gayee kana hunda otoo achi keessa qabduullee Itoophiyan gareen mirga namooma addaa mootummoota gamtoomanii akka biyyashe hinseenne dhorkiteerti. Gareen mirga namoomaa addaa mootummoota gamtoomani Itoophiya kan seenan yeroo dhumaaf bara 2006, yeroo gareen dhimma Eertira qoratu dhaqe qofa ture.

Odeeffannoo dabalataaf  Gabaasa Human Rights Watch bara 2017 dubbisuu dandeessa.

Ogeessa Information Technology kan ta’e, Abdiisaa Beencaa Jaarra, komaandi poostiitiin akka qabame dubbatamaa jira

Ogeessaa Information Technology fi dizaayinara moosaajii (software) kan ta’eefi Afaan Oromoo afaan teeknoolojii akka ta’u hojii gurguddaa hojjechaa kan ture, Abdiisaa Beencaa Jaarra, komaandii poostiin guyyaa hara’a akka qabame gabaafmeera. Abdiisaan eessaa akka jiruufi haala akkamiira akka jiru hin beekamne.

Mootummaan Itoophiyaa, erga labsii hatattamaa (state of emergency) labse asi Oromoota kuma 50 ol qabuun, kaamppii waraanaa adda addaatti dararaa akka jiru ni beekama. Mootummaan Itoophiyaa, Adda Bilisa Baasaa Uummata Tigraayiin durfamu, miidiyaa ofii to’atuun namoota kuma 11 ol akka to’anna jala oolan beeksiseera.

Abdiisaa Beencaa Jaarraa eenyu?  ( Beekan Gulummaa Irrenaa tiin akka barreeffametti)

Abdiisaan Ogeessa koompiwutaraa (IT Specialist/Programmer/App Developer) yommuu ta’u, Barnoota koompiwuutaraatiin (Information Technology) dhaan xumura bara 2013, Yuunbaristii Haramayaa irraa eebbifame. Hojiisaarraa ka’uun namootni hedduu Abdiisabaa jedhuun. Abdiisaan eebbasaa booda boqannaaf gara maatiisaa kan deeme yoo ta’u turtii ji’alamaa booda Kaampaniin Moosajii(Software Company) kan lammummaan isaa nama USA tokko hojiidhaaf yaame. Abdiisaan gaaf sanarraa kaasee dhimma jireenya dhuunfaa lafa kaayee, saba kootiif maal gumaacha,Ogummaa kootiin maal fayyada, yaada jedhutti seene.

Kanaanis namoota naannotti argu keessattuu magaalaa Finfinnee fi namoota sab-qunnamtiilee hawaasummaa garagaraa irratti hirmmatan ilaaluun Rakkoolee namootni heddu Afaan Oromoo irratti qaban (dubbisuu, dubbachuu fi barreessuun) jiraachuu hubate. Abdiisaan hubatee qofa hin dhiifne; kun sababa maaliitiif waan jedhus xiinxalle. Xiinxalla kanaanis namootni irra caalaan rakkinna dhuunfaa osoo hin taane rakkoolee iddoo itti baratan dhabuu, wantarraa baratan dhabuu (Resource accessiblity) akka ta’e hubate. Kunis, Gabaabbinnan Afaan kana iddoo fi saa’aa barbaadanitti argachuun akka hin danda’amne kan bare Abdiisaan furmaatni maal jedhee of gaafate.

Haala kanaan dhaadannoo “Afaan Oromoo afaan saayinsii fi teekinoolojii haa taasifnu.” jedhuun as bahe. Kanumarraa ka’uun yeroo gabaabatti namootni biyyoota garagaraa jiraatan fayyaduu akka danda’anitti yaadee hojiilee armaan gadii kanneen gad baasuu eegale:

  1. Fayyadamaa Mobaayilaa(Mobile App) maqaa “Afaan Oromoo Baradhaa” jedhuun Google Play Store irratti gad lakkise. Fayyadamaan(Appn) kun seerluga Afaan Oromoo kan barsiisu yommuu ta’u qabiyyee boqonnaa torba( Qubee A,B, C… irraa kaasee hanga Sirna Tuqaaleetti) kan of keessaa qabuudha.
  2. Ammas osoo hin turin Fayyadamaa Mobaayilaa(Mobile App) maqaa “Qubee Afaan Oromoo Sagaleen.” jedhu gad lakkisuun Hawaasni addunyaa guuturra jirtan daa’imarraa hanga guddatti jalqabarraa kaasaa baradhaa, amma booda Afaan Oromoo iddoon itti baradhu dhabe namni jedhu akka hin jiraanne jedhe Abdiisaan.
  3. Abdiisaan Sab-qunnamtii hawaasummaa irrattis keessattii Facebook Gubbatti Garee “Afaan Oromoo Haa guddifnu! ” jedhu ijaaree kan miseensa namoota 8000 ol qabu irratti guyyaa guyyaan Qubee irraa eegalee dhimmi guddinni Afaan Oromoo yeroo hunda kan irratti barsiifamu too’achaa jira.
  4. Hawaasni addunyaa garagaraa Abdiisaa wajjiin walbaruu jalqaban, Gaafiin barnoota Afaan Oromoo nu barsiisuu qabda jedhu hedduumachaa dhufe. Abdiisaan tole jedhee fudhate, Garee Whatsup “Afaan Oromoo Haaguddifnu!” jedhu uume Barnoota Afaan Oromoo Qubeerraa jalqabuun barsiisutti seene. Gareen kun yeroo muraasatti miseensa hanga nama dhibbaa horate. Abdiisaan rakkoolee fi bu’aa ba’ii jireenya dhuunfaa dagatee barnoota kanarratti xiyyeeffatee ji’a 4-5tti miseensotni garee kanaa. Haala kanaan turtii ji’a 4-5 keessatti miseensotni garee kanaa dubbisuu, barreessuu, dubbachuuf dubbisuu xumuran. Kanaanis Abdiisaan hojii boonsaa hojjate Miseensa Gammachiise.
  5. Ammas itti fufuun Abdiisaan wanta murteessaa fi barbaachisaadha jedhe torbaanuma keessa jirru kana Fayyadamaa Moobaayilaa(Mobile App) maqaa “Jechoota Hayyoota Oromoo” jedhu kan jechoota hayyoota 80 ol of keessaa qabu kinoo gad lakkisee jira.
  6. Maal kana qofa Abdiisaan Hojii ijoo tokko qabatee dhufeera. Innis dhaadannoo ganamaa tan “Afaan Oromoo Afaan saayinsiif teekinoolojii haa taasifnu!” jettu sana gara “Dhimma keenyaaf teenyee nama biraa eeguun salphina!” jedhutti jijjiirrun dhimma guddina Afaan Oromoo irratti sochii garagaraa gochuu irraan darbee dargaggoota heddu kakaaseera, bu’uura afaan kanaa lafa kaayuu qabna jedhee bu’aa bahii heddu ce’ee bahaa ture, kanaanis garee adda addaa lama ijaaree jalaa jigus/ bittannooftus, har’a garee sadaffaa maqaa “Qubee Technologies” jedhuun kan miseensa dargaggoota sha(5) of keessaa qabu ijaaree hojitti seenanii jiru.

Kaayyoon Gurguddoon Garee kanaa:

  1. Afaan Oromoo iddoo fi yeroo barbaadametti argachuuf akka danda’amu gochuu, itti fayyadamsiisuu, hordofuuf too’achuu.
  2. Afaan Oromoo bifa barbaadameen:
    1. Suur-sagaleen barsiisuu(Video tutorial)
    2. Barreeffamaan barsiisuu(Written tutorial)
    3. Fayyadamaa Moobaayilaatin(Monbile App)
    4. Aadaa nyaataa, uffannaa, ayyaanaa fi kkf Oromiyaa naannolee garagaraatti argaman qorachuuf ifa baasuu
    5. Waaltina Jechoota Afaan Oromoo irratti hojjachuu
    6. Mosajiilee(softwares) adda addaa afaan kanarratti hojjachuu
  3. Dogoggora asiin dura ture kanneen barreeffamaan Google irra jiran sirreessuu, Hedduun kan oli hin kuufamin waan ta’eef olkuusuu.

Haala kanaan Abdiisaan guddina Afaan Oromoo keessatti gahee seena qabeessa hojjachaa kan jiruu fi gara fuulduratti hojii boonsaa saba isaatiif lafa buusuu akka danda’u ibsaa, Abdiisaan yeroo ammaa kanas bifa alkallattiidhaan Guddina Aartii adda addaa keessattis hirmaannaa akka “Graphics design adda addaa, promotion design adda addaa fi Design Uffataarratti hirmaachuun gahee isaa bahaa jira.

Abdiisaan ykn Abdiisabaa gara fuulduraatti Kaampanii dhuunfaa ofii banatee hawaasa isaas tajaajilaa jiraanya ofiis gaggeessu abjochaa jira.

Dhumarratti Ogeessi dhamaatii adda addaa keessa darbee sabaaf jiraachaa jiru kun, jiraachuuf jecha guyyaa hojii Mootumaatti dadhabaa oolee, halkanimmoo hirribasaa dhiisee sabasaatiif jiraachaa akka jiruufi dadhabbii kana hunda tajaajila Bilisaatiin hojjachaa jiraachuu ykn hojiilee akkanatti itti dadhabe ykn dadhabaa jiru kanaf galiin argate akka hin jirre hubadha.



By Gutu Olana
Dictators are in a constant battle of gaining meaning to their existence by denying meaningful life to others. Through its atrocious actions and inactions, the TPLF/EPRDF has taken the animosity between itself and the people of Ethiopia to another threshold. It has completely lost the shred of legitimacy it had in few quarters when assuming power in 1991.

It is incumbent on us – the people – to struggle for the restoration of our humanity and dignity. Although the primary responsibility to liberate ourselves rests upon us, we should not underestimate the role of the international community in this life-and-death situation. Since November 2015, over 600 people have been killed, thousands wounded, and tens of thousands imprisoned in Oromia, by government forces, while protesting peacefully. Over 100 people have been killed in Oromia and Amhara regions only during the last weekend.

Most of the financial aid is given in the name of development and social services. While the dictators in Ethiopia are busy killing and detaining innocent people across Oromia and Amhara regions – not doing development or running social services – the World Bank is busy processing 1.2 billion USD in new aid for the regime.

It should be noted that, following the bloody 2005 elections during which about 200 people were killed by government forces, the Bank introduced a slightly tightened control system, which it has progressively loosened. Through the Program-for-Results Financing (PforR), it is currently implementing a scheme that is consequentially similar to the direct budget support it used to run before the 2005 elections. The “Results” in the “PforR” is to be confirmed by a mere report by the government, and the World Bank has no verification system of its own. The effect is that the regime will be able to divert the fund away from the intended purposes, including using it for enforcing tyranny.

To aid the government of Ethiopia in this time, when it is perpetrating a brutal crackdown against peaceful protesters, is an antithesis of development/public service and painful for the people suffering under the current regime. Remember, actions become eventful not only in themselves but also in relation to the context in which they take place. On both sides of the actions, there are human beings – those who stand with the authoritarian regime to enforce repression and those who suffer the consequences.

It is unfortunate and outrageous that the international donor community has refused to seriously consider the plight of the oppressed and continued to offer diplomatic, financial, and military aid to the oppressor. By doing so, the donor community supported dictatorship and serious human rights violations and deferred the dawn of freedom against the oppressed. They chose to support an authoritarian, minority regime in contradiction with the values they ostensibly advocate for – hypocrisy can only start to explain this blatant contradiction. It is unfortunate that the people of Ethiopia will have to put up with this agonizing reality.

It has been repeatedly said that dictators do not learn from history and, I add, hypocrites do not learn from history either. Allies of the TPLF/EPRDF regime are in a moral bankruptcy, with alarming consequences. We hold them morally responsible for sustained repression of the people of Ethiopia. Those who continue to directly and indirectly support a regime that kills, maims, and tortures innocent people will be held responsible in the court of public opinion and leave a bloody history for generations to come.

The delay of freedom and justice is very costly to all the oppressed people of Ethiopia, the cohorts of the regime, and the world at large. However, the quest for these virtuous goals will continue and, no matter how long it takes, will ultimately hit its desired destination. Then comes a time when redressing current moral bankruptcy of the international community becomes impossible. Nonetheless, today has offered non-ignorable options for all to consider seriously.

Out of faith in the inner sincerity of human beings and humanity’s united yearning for liberty and justice, I appeal to the citizens and tax payers of Western donor countries to hold their governments accountable and demand an end to financial, diplomatic, and military support to the authoritarian regime of Ethiopia, which is turning the country into war zone. Behold donors and Western allies of the minority regime, the struggle in Ethiopia may soon enter a massively new phase.

Maal Baranne, Maalitti Tarkaanfanna?

Dr. Solomoon Ungasheetiin
Ummatni Oromo Hagayya 6, 2016 gochaa seenaan barabaraan yaadatamu galmeesse. Oromiyaa mara keessatti hiriiree “ajjeechaa nurraa dhaabaa, biyya keenya keessatti ofiin of bulchinee nagaan ha jiraannuu, humna waraanaa nurraa kaasaa, lammiiwwan keenya mana hidhaa keessatti dararaa jirtan nuuf hiikaa, lafa keenyarraa nu buqqisusuu dhaabaa, biyya keenya irratti abbaa biyyaa ta’uu keenya baraa” jedhanii bakka hundatti sagalee isaanii dhageessisani. Seenaa Oromoo keessatti guyyaan kana fakkaatu kana dura hin argamne. Seenaa addunyaa keessattis, har’a dura biyya akka Oromiyaa bal’atu keessatti ummatni miliyoonotaan lakkaawwamu guyyaa tokko waliin hiriiree sagaleesaa dhaggeeffachuu dhagayes, dubbisees hin beeku. Hagayya 6, seenaa Oromoo keessatti qofa otuu hin taane, seenaa addunyaa keessatti iddoo ol’aanaa qabaata. Ummatni Oromoo bakka jiru hundatti boonuu qaba.
Gama kanbiraan Hagayya 6, 2016 guyyaa gaddaa ta’ee barabaraan yaadatama. Lammiiwwan lakkoobsaan 50 ol ta’an haala suukaneessaa dhaan ajjeefamanii wareegama bilisummaa ta’aniiru. Dhibbootaan kan lakkaawaman madaayaniiru. Lakkoobsi isaanii kan hin beekamne mana hidhaa galaniiru. Maatiif firri, ollaaf biyyi, gaddaa jira. Bahaa hanga lixaatti, kaabaa hanga kibbaatti Oromiyaan maatii gaddaa jiru ta’uun ifaadha. Isa kanas seenaan barbaraan yaadata. Gadda kana keessaa bawuun kan danda’amu injifannoo booda.
Hagayya 6, 2016 maal nu barsiisee darbe? Akka ilaalcha kootti, barnoootni tokkooffaan, Oromoon dammaqee mirga isaaatiif falmachuuf ka’uu isaati. Bara Oromiyaan harka diinaa galte sana, Oromoon wal hin beeku ture. Gabroomfataan nu keessaa garii yeroodhaaf firoomfatee, isaa kaan diinomfatee tokko tokkoon biyya keenya dhuunfate. San booda hunda keenya gabroomse. Seenaa kana gaddaan yaadanna. Amma sun jijjiiramee Oromoon tokkoomee kutannoo guddaa dhaan ka’eera.. Addaddatti qoodamnee irbaata diinaa ta’uun hafeera. Gabroomfamnuus, bilisoomnus kana booda walumaan dhaabbanneeti. Dhugaan kun Oromiyaa bal’oo keessatti Hagayya 6, 2016 dhiigaan barreeffamee seenaa dhaaf gabaafameera.
Kan lammataa maal baranne? Akka ilaalcha kootti, diinni mirga keenya nu sarbee jiru garalaafina takkallee akka hinqabne ta’uu isaati. Hanga Oromiyaa bakka addaddaatti dhiigni dhangala’uu dhagahutti, mootummaan wayyaanee har’a akka kaleessaa ummata nagaarratti dhukaasa hin bantu ta’a shakkii jedhun qaban ture. Shakkiin koo sun Hiriirri Oromoo Guddichi jalqabamee saatii tokko otuu hin guutin deebii ani dhagawuuf eegaa hin turre argate. Diinni duruu diinuma ta’uun balaqqiin ifee natti muldhate. Lammiiwwan akkuma kootti hubatan hedduudha jedheen amana. Kana booda shakkiin takkayyuu jiraachuu hin qabu. Mootummaan wayyaanee aangoorra turuuf ummata nagaa miliyoonotaan lakkaawaman ajjeesuu irraa boodatti hin deebi’u. Barnoota kana ummatni Oromoo barateera jedheen amana.
Edda kana ta’ee kana booda maalitti tarkaanfanna? Gaaffii kana gaafachuun gowwaa nama fakkeessa. Deebiin ifa waan ta’eefi. Sanganiyyuu qalachuuf yeroo yaalan lubbuu isaa hambifachuuf nidhidhiitata mitiii? Ilmii namaas ajjeefamuu irraa of hambisuu filachuun gaaffii maalii qabaree? Gowwaa nama fakkeessuyyuu yeroon ammaa kun kan itti gaaffii kana itti wal gaaffanu. Deebiin ummata Oromoo maal akka ta’e hunduu beeka waan ta’eef, himuu hin barbaachisu.
Haala keessa jirru irratti edda waliigallee, maal godhuu akka qabnu wal gaafachuu qabna. Kana yeroo goonu dhugaa ifa nutti fakkaatu wal sodaa tokko malee walitti himuun dirqama ta’a. Hubannoo kanarraa ka’een waan dhugaa natti fakkaatu kana gaditti barreessa. Garii namaa gaddisiisuun koo akka hin oolle durseen beeka. Kanneen natti gadduuf jiraniin durseen dhiifama naa godhaa jedhaan.
Egaa waan yaada koo keessa guutee jiru futtaafachuufan jedhaa na hoofkalchaa. Dursee, Haylee Fidaa gooticha Oromoon yaadadha. Waggaa lama wal wajjin mana hidhaa tokko keessatti edda hidhamnee booda na biraa fuudhamee ajjeeffame. Maaliif maqaa nama du’ee kaafta kan naan jettan yoo jiraattan, deebiin koo gabaabaadha. Haylee Fidaa, “Sabni dammaqee, dhaabaan gurmaawee, hidhannoo argate nihinjifata” jedha ture. Jechii isaa kun haala amma Oromoon keessa jiru wajjin kan walqabatu waan ta’eefan maqaa nama du’ee kaase. Akkuman olitti tuqee ture, Oromoon dammaqeera. Dhugaa kana lammiinis, halagaaniis sirriitti hubateera. Lamiin yeroo gammadu halagaan soda keessa galee jira. Kun dhugaa shakkamuu hin danda’amne natti fakkaata. Haalduree hinjifannoo sadan Haylee Fidaa lafa kaa’e keessaa tokko guutee argameera jechuudha. Hundi keenya kanaaf gammaduu qabna.
Haaldureen lammataawoo guuteera? Akka ilaalcha kootti hin guutne. Qaamni uumati kallacha qabsoo Oromoo jedhee ilaalaa ture, waggoota 25an darban of diigaa ture. Qaamni tokko bakka afur-shanitti wal qoode. Kun anaaf yaadannoo gaddisiisaadha. Ta’us haalli abdachiisaan dhiyeenya dhalachuu dhageenyee jirra. Innis, qaamooleen ABO irraa caccaban “waliigaltee uumne jedhanii labsuu isaaniiti.” Garuu labsiin labsamuu malee jiijjiramni muldhataa hin jiru. Kanaaf, an ammayyuu yaaddoo keessan jira. Dhaabni siyaasaa ummatni abdii guddaa irratti qabu kan biraa KFOdha. KFOn har’a haala maal fakkaatu keessa akka jiru hundi keenya beekna. Hoggantoota isaa keessaa 90% mana hidhaa keessatti darararamaa jiru. Miseensotni kumootaan lakkaawamnis isaanuma wajjin jiru. Waajjiraaleen dhaabicha, Finfinnee irraa kan hafe bakka hundatti cufamanii jiru. Dhugaa kana yeroon barreessu gadda guddaatu natti dhagahama. Kana booda KFOn Oromiyaa keessaatti seeraan socho’ee kaayyoo isaa fiixaan baasuuf eeyyama mootummaa ni argataa jennee wal gaafachuu qabna. Ana natti hin fakkaatu. Egaa maal wayyaree?
Waa sadii hatattamaan hojiirra oolchuun dirqama yerooti jedheen amana. Inni jalqabaa dhaabilee siyaasa Oromo ilaala. Inni lammataa ummata Oromoo hunda ilaala. Sadaffaan Oromoota biyyaa Oromaa jiraatan irratti xiyyeeffata.
Dhaabileen siyaasaa maal godhuu qaban? Waliigaltee uumne jedhan sana jiruu dhaan agarsiisuu qabu. Hamma ammaatti waliigaltee uumneerra jechuu malee, waliigalteen sun maal akka ta’e ummataaf ifa kan ta’e natti hinfakkaatu. Kana booda maqaa wal hinxureessinu jechuu qofaa? Moo fuulduree Oromiyaa fi Itoophiyaa irratti mariyatanii waliigalaniiru? Deebiin isa lammataa kana yoo ta’e, wanti isaan irratti waliigalan maanni? Hojiirraa oolchuuf ammoo sagantaa maal fakkaatu qopheeffatan? Bor qabsoon ummatni aarsaa guddaa itti baasaa jiru milkaawee mootummaan abbaa irree aangoorraa yeroo ariyatamu biyyattiin akkamiin akka bultu irratti waliigalaniiruu? Ummatni deebii gaaffiiwwan kanaa hatattamaan baruu qaba. Deebiin hin jiru yoo ta’e, waliigalteen uumamte jedhamte sun akkuma ULFO taatee achumaan baduun ishee hafa natti hin fakkaatu. ABO, ADO fi dhaabileen lamaan hafan deebii waliigaltee nuuf ha kennani.
Ummata Oromoo biyya keessa jiru, keessumaa qeeroo, irraa maaltu eegama? Dirqamni guddaan natti muldhatu bakka bakkatti haala amma caaluun wal ijaaruudha. Wal ijaaruu jechuun koo wal kakkaasanii hiriira waliin bawuu qofa miti. Inni ammayyuu itti jirama. Ijaarsa bor yeroo ummatni injifannoo argatu bakka bakkatti biyya bulchuu danda’u uumuu barbaachisa jechuu kooti. Ijaarsi akkasii qaamolee adda addaa of jalaa qabaata. Fakkeenyaaf, kan bulchiinsaa, kan nageenyaa, kan ittisaa, kkf. Gabaabumatti ijaarsa gulantaa gandaatti, aanaatti, godiinaatti dirqama bulchiinsaa bawuu danda’u jechuu kooti.
Oromoo biyya alaa jiru iraa maaltu eegama? Dirqamni guddaan qabnu ummata biyya keessaatti diina dura dhaabbatee abbaabiyyummaaf falmaa jiru haala qindaawaa fi ittifufiinsa qabuun deggeruudha. Jiruun bor otuu hin ta’in har’a jalqabuu qaba. Garee qabsaawota godiinaalee Oromiyaa keessa jiran wajjiin hariiroo uumuudhaan deggersaa biraan gawuu danda’u godiinaa hundaaf uumuu barbaachisa. Fakkeenyaaf garee godiinaa Arsii Lixaa irratti xiyyeefatee qabsaawota godiina sana jiran wajjin hojjetu. Godiinaalee hafaniifis akkasuma.
Akkanaan hojjechuun waa lama gargaara. Tokkoffaa ijaarsiif qabsoo walfakkaataan bakka hundatti akka jajjabaatan taasisa. Lammaffaa godiinaaleen hundi quba walqabaatanii waliin akka socho’an jajjabeessa. Jiruu kana fakkaatu hojjechuuf Oromoon biyya Oromaa jiraatu bakka hundatti walgayii godhachuun itti mariyatee ejjennoo tokkorra gawuu qaba. Walgayii akkanaa qopheessuuf gareen qindeessu tokko dhaabbachuu qaba. Gareen kun karoora baasee walgayiin Hawaasaa Oromoo Ameerikaa Kaabaatti, Auroopaatti, Awstraaliyaatti, Akkasumas Biyya Araabaatti haala walfakkaataa dhaan akka qophaawu taasisa. Ejjeennoon walfakkaatu akka fudhatamu taasisuuf jiruu barbaachisu hojjeta. Dhimma kanarratti Oromoon biyya Ormaa jiraatu mariyachuu qaba.

Open Letter regarding the carnage in Oromia and possible next steps


  • Obbo Abbaa Duulaa Gammadaa, Speaker of the House of Representatives, FDRE.
  • Obbo Muktar Kedir, President of the National Regional State of Oromia.
  • Obbo Ibrahim Haji, Commissioner of Oromia Police.
  • All City Councils in charge of matters pertaining to Public Political meetings and Peaceful Demonstrations.


  • Dr Mulatu Teshome, President, FDRE.
  • Ato Hailemariam Desalegn, Prime Minister, FDRE; Chair of the Command Post currently governing Oromia.
  • General Samora Yunus, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, FDRE.
  • Ato Asefa Abiyu, Commissioner of the Federal Police.
  • Central & Executive Committee of EPRDF.
  • Central & Executive Committee of OPDO.

Subject: Open Letter regarding the carnage in Oromia and possible next steps

Dear Sirs,

It is to be recalled that the Oromo people have been expressing their total and complete discontent with the administration over the last eight months and a half. This expression has taken the form of peaceful protest (#Oromoprotests) forcing the government to rethink the Addis Ababa Master Plan, amend the Oromia Urban Development Proclamatio, reschedule the Ethiopian School leaving Exam and, more recently, to stop dumping waste in the Sandaafa area. Much to our disappointment and to the disappointment of the entire Oromo nation, this peaceful popular protest has been consistently met with overt violence from the Government’s security forces.

According to our estimates, over 6oo Oromos are killed. (It is to be noted that the Human Rights Watch had reported earlier that over 400 are murdered by government security officers arbitrarily. Even the regime has admitted that there were 173 killings and hundreds of incidents of injury to civilians, arbitrary arrests, and other forms of abuses, and yet there was no attempt on the part of the government to take political and legal responsibility for this.) Targeted killings have been going on even in the absence of any public demonstrations in Shashemene and the towns in the wider W Arsi district. The Government has so far not done its part to investigate the cause and bring the perpetrators to justice. Even as we write this letter today, the killing continues in Awaday. Few weeks ago, several arbitrary killing of children and other civilians was witnessed and burning of a building has also been observed while the local officials were watching the fire to the point of self-entertainment with the sight. Today, we have noticed the killing of protestors by snipers who targeted Oromo lives.

In the last eight months and a half, hundreds of peoples suffered wounds and other forms of bodily injury from shooting. Over 5000 Oromos were shot and injured by the Security Forces, mainly the Agazi. Tens of thousands have been victims of mass arrest and are suffering arbitrary detention and torture in prisons large and small in various parts of the country. Oromo leaders are detained and tortured as political prisoners. Hundreds are reported to be missing and are victims of forced disappearance. All this has been unaccounted for thus far as there was no independent commission of inquiry established to inquire into the matter. Nor has the government invited international investigators such as the UN’s Special Rapporteurs on Arbitrary Execution, Forced Disappearance, or the Committee of Experts.

The dispossession and displacement of Oromo farmers and residents including those in the suburbs of Addis Ababa) continues uninhibited so far. The civil administration of Oromia is still not restored in full. The Oromia National Regional State (ONRS) is still under the military rule that governs through a Task Force from a Command Post. Oromia is virtually under the rule of the Agazi.

The fundamental demands of Oromo people remain unaddressed. Discrimination is rife. Economic disempowerment, political marginalization, total loss of voice is patent.

Oromos are disproportionately represented in the statistics about the Ethiopian prison population. (It is reported that the prison population has risen from 86% to 95 % within the last nine months.) Oromo political leaders such as Bekele Gerba, Olbana Lelissa, Dejene Tafa, Addisu Bulala, and almost all of the OFC leadership are imprisoned for no legally justified reasons. They are subjected to abuses as political prisoners.

The state of basic social services is deteriorating from day to day. Health, road, and water services infrastructure have all collapsed to the point of crisis. There is virtually no semblance of governance in the region except the terrorizing of the civilian population through a heavy military presence across the region.

All these brutal killings, maimings, forced disappearances, and other forms of abuse were taken to be acts of a repressive dictatorial regime that is hateful of its peoples. Developments in recent days (especially those that transpired in the Amhara region) and the way the regime treated their demands presented a contrast that seemed to suggest to our people that these extraordinarily violent responses are reserved only for Oromos. In Oromia, when school children demonstrated unarmed and peacefully (to present their just demands for their rights), they were massacred in a torrent of bullets that rained on them from the Agazi Forces. Elsewhere, even people that are fully armed with guns stage a protest, present their demands, and come home safely. And that is as it should be. Few hours after the Gonder protest was peacefully concluded, the regime was conducting a campaign of sniper shooting in Awaday town (of East Hararghe Zone of Oromia) where 6 persons were killed and about 26 were shot and wounded.

This shows that the regime have different modes of treatment for different peoples of the country. It sends a message which indicates that Oromos, unlike others, are enemies to be eliminated at every opportunity. It also sends the message that there is a difference between the Amhara and Oromo parties (i.e. ANDM and OPDO, respectively, two of the four organizations which form the coalition of the EPRDF) operating in the respective regions. ANDM openly supports the protest in Amhara region while in contrast the OPDO in Oromia is nowhere to be seen around the people (except as informers and co-killers).

The media in Oromia is busy denouncing and demonizing the Oromo Protest whereas in other regions, the media publicly announces its support for the people’s demands.

Consequently, it has become clear even to casual observers that Oromo lives don’t matter in Ethiopia. In this regard, the regime has continued in the tradition of devaluing and undervaluing Oromo lives starting from the days of imperial conquest of the Oromo nation.

We believe that you are acutely aware that this condition is unsustainable. We believe that the only way forward is to arrest the people’s unnecessary suffering and bringing this crisis to a positive end. We believe that the continued perpetuation of misery, targeting the Oromo people as a people, is forcing them to reach for desperate measures that this government can’t eventually manage to control.

We, as concerned children of Oromia, are writing to you to make this last call for you to wake up to this fast changing phase of the Oromo Protest. If the government does not properly respond to the peaceful demands of the people for their rights in a just social order, the Oromo people will be obliged to start taking drastic measures that have serious repercussions both for the regime and for the country.

Our people are asking what brought about this apparently endless tragedy to them, including this recent different valuation of peoples and their rights.

The answer seems to be in the following:

  1. The Oromo people had so far chosen to conduct their protest peacefully.

Oromo political leaders, activists, and intellectuals have all been consistently advising against violence and encouraging people to avoid all forms of violence.

This was in line with the principle of primacy of peace and wellbeing (nagaaf nageenya) in the Oromo tradition and in their way of being in general.

This choice has been viewed as a sign of weakness and cowardice. The TPLF regime seems to have chosen to utilize the Oromo commitment to peace as an instrument of perpetuating its repressive politics.

  1. In the last nine months, our people have taken extraordinary care not to harm other people living among them, especially those who, being from Tigray, support, benefit from, and collude with the regime. This care seems to be mistaken for naiveté and weakness.

However, it should be clear to all that patience has its limits.

Anger and resentment is overflowing among our people. Before patience completely runs out, it has now become necessary for the regime to be given a last chance to change the course of its behaviour.

In order to ensure that the regime treats our people with the same respect it accords to other peoples of Ethiopia, it has become necessary to take the following measures:

  1. On Saturday, 6 August 2016, there will be a grand protest demonstration across the Oromia region including in Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa.

The Protest, like all other preceding protests, shall be completely peaceful.

Its demands include, but not limited to:

  5. And other similar demands.
  6. There shall be no request for permit from the government. According to the constitution and the relevant law (Proclamation No 3/1991), people who seek to stage public political meetings and peaceful demonstrations have a mere duty of notification.

This letter shall have served as a letter of notice to the relevant State and Federal institutions. If Oromia’s and Federal Security Forces try to disrupt, subvert, or prevent the protest rallies or if they try to abuse people otherwise during and before the demonstrations, from that moment on, the Oromo Protest will immediately have entered a new phase with a new mission and strategy.

It shall start taking measures commensurate to the needs of the times. TPLF leaders and Oromo collaborators–and they alone–shall take full responsibility for any and all negative consequences.

Desperate times demand desperate measures. We call upon the regime to end our people’s sufferings immediately. We also call upon the Ethiopian people in general to pay attention to this notice, to bear witness, and to stand in solidarity with its Oromo brethren and sisters.

We call upon our people to understand the gravity of this situation and to stand together, in unison, with the usual resolve and determination, as they demand their just and God-given rights in their own land.

Kind Regards,



Obbo Boruu Barraaqaatiin

Oromoonni Matakkal gosa Oromoo Maccaa jalatti beekamu. Kufaatii Dargii dura kutaa Gojjaam keessatti waamamuu turani. Yeroo ammaa ammoo Naannoo Bulchiinsa Beenishaangul jalatti bulaa jirani. Akka qorannoon seenaa manguddoota Oromoo naannoo kanaa irraa sassaabame ibsutti, akkaataan qubsuma ummata keneya kanaa bifa lama kan hordofe ture. Kan duraa gama Baha Wallaggaa irraan Dangab yookiin Dibaax naannoo jedhamu kan qubatanii dha. Kan lammaffaa ammoo gama Dhiha Wallaggaa lafoota akka Najjoo, Gidaamii, Muggii, Boojji fi Sibuu irraa laga Abbayyaa cehanii bakka amma Wanbaraa jedhamu kan qubatani. Kun kan tahe jaarraa 16ffaa yeroo itti Oromoon daga isaa duraan halagootaan qabatamee ture deebisee toyachuuf bal’inaan sosso’aa ture san irraa eegaleeti jedhama.

Oromoonni yeroo ammaa bulchiinsa naannoo Benishaangul Gumuz jalatti bulaa jiran miidhaan sabummaa irra gahaa jiraachuu dubbatu. Akka fakkeenyaatti rakkoolee gurguddoo ummatni Waanbaraa himachaa jiru haa laallu.
Akka dargaggoonni Oromoo naannoo kana keessatti dhalatanii hiree barnoota olaanaa argatan qorannoo geggeessanitti, yeroo ammaatti akka Oromootti jiraachuun Oromoota Waanbaraa gaaffii keessa galee jira. Kana kan nama jechisisu keessa qabxilee muummee ta’an tokko tokko tuqun barbaachisaa dha. Isaanis:
• Jaarroleen biyyaa bara 1987 hanga Finfinneetti dhufanii waa’ee Oromoon mirga dhabuu iyyatanillee hiika hin arganne;
• Bara 1986 waraanni irratti banamee namootni heeddun dhumaniiru, manni gubateera, qabeenyis barbadaa’ee jira;
• Namni 30 Naqamteetti ergamani Afaan Oromoon leenjii barsiisummaa argatanii yoo deebi’anis ‘Kun biyya Oromoo miti, yoo barbaaddan biyya isaa dhaqaa barsiisaa, kanaan achi yoo waan biraan leenjii keessan hin fooyyessitan ta’e Afaan Oromootiin hojii hin argattan’ jedhamanii waan baratan gatii akka dhabu godhamee jira;
• Uummatni martinuu yeroo saba isaatiin gurmaa’u Oromoon dhorkamee jira. Qaama Dh.D.U O irraa namootni Oromoota Waanbaraa gurmeessuuf dhufan qaama aanaa kanaan ari’amanii tarkaanfiin tokkoyyuu hin fudhatamne;
• Oromoon dhaloota biyyaa ti malee abbaa biyyaa miti (ye haager tewallajji injii ye haager baale beet ayidellem) jechuudhaan erga abbaan biyyaa argaate dhuftuun (maxxee) irratti dhalatte ammo argatti jechuun ijoolleen Oromoo carraa barnoonta ol aanaa fi hojii akka hin arganne balballi itti cufameera. Haala adda addaan utuu sabummaan isaanii hin beekamin yoo miliqanii keessa darbanis guddina akka hin arganne godhamuudhaan gocha Afriikaa Kibbaa durii waliin wal fakkaatu naanichaan raawwatamaa jira;
• Mirga hawaasaa fi siyaasaan alas gama dinagdee fi haaqa seeraan loogiin hojjetamu Oromummaa Oromoota aanaa kanaa irratti dhiibba guddaa gochaa jira.
• Ijoolleen Oromoo filmaata dhaban Oromummaa isaanii jijjiiranii Sinishuummaatti galmaa’uudhaan hojii argachuuf dirqamaa jiru. Kunis uummaticha haasofsiisuun kan mirkanaa’uu danda’amuu dha; akkasumas,
Uummatni Oromoo baayyinni isaa akka lakkoofsa bara 1984tti (A.L.A) koonyaa Matakkalaa harra zoonii ta’e keessatti 55,501 ture, yeroo lakkoofsa bara 1994 (A.L.A)tti waggaa 10 keessatti 3,332 qofa dabaluun 58,833 qofaa ta’ee jira. Kunumtuu yeroo akka Goojjamitti bara 1984 (A.L.A) lakkaa’ame kan Oromootin zooniilee Kamaashii fi Asoosaa itti hin dabalamin 55,501 ture. Kun akkamittiin gurmuudhaan kan Oromoo Waanbaraa caalan Oromootni zooniilee lamaa itti dabalamaanii haala baayyinni uummataa Itiyoophiiyaa keessaa itti dabalaa ture % 2.9 tiin kan Oromoo Benishaangul gumuz keessa jiruu garuu kana duwwaa ta’e gaaffiin jedhu deebii hin arganne.
Ummatni Sinichoo duris ammas zooniidhuma Matakkalaa aanaaleedhuma durii sadan armaan olitti eeraman keessa qofa jiratu. Garuu lakkoofsa bara 1984tiin (A.L.A) 17,840 ture irraa bara 1994 (A.L.A) waggaa kudhan keessatti 14,265 dabaluudhaan gara 32,105tti ol guddachuun isaanii lakkoofsi Oromoo garuu akka gadi qabamu loogiin godhamuu isaa sirriitti mul’isa. Utuu dhugaadhaan %2.9 tiinuu shallagamee (projection) Oromoon Zoonii Matakkalaa utuu warra zoonii kaaniiyyuu hin dabalatin gara 74,588tti, kan Sinichoos gara 32,105tti utuu hin ta’in gara 23,975tti guddata ture. Amma garuu kan mullatu Oromoon waggaa kudhan keesaa % 1 gadiin, Sinichoon ammoo % 6 tiin akka dabalaniidha. Kun ammo kan dhugaa irraa baayyee fagaatee ta’uun isaa ifa.

Kutaa 2ffaa barruu kanaa keessatti furmaata malu irratti xiyyeeffanna.

Maddeen odeeffannoo
• Manguddoota biyyaa naannichaa
• Waraqaa qorannoo eebbaa (dissertation) barattoota Oromoo dhalootaan naannoo sanii
• Wikopedia
• Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia

Dura kan Maxxane ture Oromia Online gubbaatti.

Oromiyaa:Naannoo Magaalaa Guddaa Hinqabne

Kan Barreesse : Abdii Maty

Magaalaa guddaan biyya tokkoofis ta’e naannoo tokkoof guddina siyaas dinagdee, afaan fi hawwaasummaa sabaa guddisuuf barbaachisaadha. Itiyoophiyaa keessatti bara 1991 booda sabaaf sablammiin biyyattii mirga ofiin of bulchuu erga argataniin booda naannoo isaaniitti magaalaa giddu gala siyaasaa fi hawwaas-diinagdee isaanii calaqisiiftu filatanii guddinni qabatamaan hedduunis magaalota isaanii irratti muul’achuun isaa ragaa qabatamaadha.

Uumama magaalotaatiif; giddu galli daldalaa, iddoo waaqeffanna, walitti hidhamiinsa qomoo, seenaan hawwaasni naannicha waliin qabu fi filannoo mootummaa ykn bulchiinsa naannichaa sababa ta’uu danda’u. Gama biroon itti dhiyeenyi bu’uuralee jireenyaaf barbaachisanii kanneen akka bishaanii, geejiba, hala teessuma lafaa fi haalli qilleensaas daran murteessadha.

Naannoleen salgan biyya keenyatti argaman hundi magaala mataa isaanii erga bu’uureffataniin booda guddina qabatamaa hedduu akka argisiisan akkasumas guyya guyyaatti argisiisa akka jiran namni carraa argatee baroota adda addaa keessatti daawwate bal’inaan ibsuu danda’a. Naannoleen magaalaa mataa isaanii qabaachuun siyaasa, diinagdee, hawwaasummaafi dhiyeessi bu’uraalee jireenya barbaachisoo akka argataniif daran isan gargaareera.

Naannoolee biyya keenya keessatti argaman maraa keessa naannoon magaalaa guddaa hin qabne naannoo Oromiyaati yoo jenne soba miti. Magaalota hundaa naannolee adda addaa keessatti afaan hojiifi afaan bal’inaan dubbatamu afaan uummata naannichaati. Hanga ammaatti namni kallattiidhaan dhugaadhumatti magaalaan Oromoodhaaf handhuura taate kami jedhee gaafate yookaan gaaffii kana kallattiii hundee gadi fagoo qabuun kaase waan jiru natti hin fakkaatu. Namootni hedduun magaalaan guddittiin Oromiyaa Finfinnee dha jechuu danda’u. Haa ta’u malee, dhugumatti Finfinneen maqaaf yoo ta’e malee magaalaa guddittii Oromiyaati?

Finfinnee mitii magaalotumti xixiqqoon Oromiyaa keessatti argaman dhibbantaa 80 ol eenyummaa Oromummaa hin calaqisiisan. Magaalotni hedduun Oromiyaa keessatti argaman Nagallee, Asallaa, Jimmaa, Adaamaa, Shashamannee, Mattuu, Harar, Dirre Dhawaa, Naqamte, Bedellee, Adaabbaa, Roobe fi kkf’n afaan isaan ittiin waliif galan afaan Amaarati.

Hundeeffama ishee irraa kaaftee fedhi uummata Oromootiin Finfinneen akka hin hundeeffamne saba Oromootiif ifa galaadha. Magaalaan Finfinnee fedhii uummata naannichaa ykn abba biyyichaa giddu gala godhachuun hundeeffamuu dhabuun’ eenyumaa isheen har’a calaqisiiftuu; afaan, seenaa, faca’iinsa hawwaasa( demography) akkasumas amantii isheen hordoftu akka fakkeenyaatti fudhachuu dandeenya. Finfinneen, Oromiyaa keessatti argamtus ulaagaa fi amala magaalaa gudditti Oromiyaa ishee gochuu danda’u tokko illee hin qabdu; akka qabaatuufis hojiin hojjetame tokko illee hin jiru.

Giddu gala siyaas-diinagdee fi hawwaasummaa dhabuun uummata keenya kallatti hedduun akka inni midhaa jiru meeqan keenyatu quba qaba laata? Sabni bal’aan kun magaala bakka isa bu’uuf isa calaqisiisu dhabuun kallattii hedduun rakkina qabatamaa hedduu kaasuu dandeenya.

1. Abbootiin qabeenyaa Oromoo waliin ta’uun hojii aksiyoonii babl’aa uumuu akka hin dandeenye sababa ta’eera
2. Oromootni godinaalee Oromiyaa addaa addaa keessa jiraatan wal irraa fagaatanii akka hafan sababa ta’eera.
3. Adda addummaan ilaalchaa xixiqqaan jiru waltajji tokkummaan walitti dhufanii mari’atan dhibuu isaa irraa kan ka’e yeroo dheeraaf osoo hin hiikamin akka jiraatan sababa ta’eera.
4. Afaan Oromoo sadarkaa guddinaa barbaachisu irra akka hin geenye gufuu ta’eera. Kana jechuun afaan Oromoo har’a ifajjii fi wareegama hedduun guddachaa jiru osoo naannoo bal’inaan uummatni Oromoo godina hundaa irraa walitti dhufe keessa jiraatu argate xinqooqaa isaafis ta’e maxxansaalee adda addaa kannneen akka gaazexaa, asoosama fi al-asoosamni barreefaman bali’innaan dubbifamuu danda’u barreesitootafis gabaa bal’aa ta’uudhan hamilee barreessuu isaani kakkaasuuf gumaacha ol-aanaa taphachuu danda’a ture.
5. Sochii fincila diddaa garbummaa uummatichi godhu deggeruun dhibbaa siyaas-diinagdee jabaa mootummaa irraan ga’uun akka hin danda’amne taasisee jira. Kunneen fakkeenyaaf  kanneen caqafamaniidha.

Rakkoowwaan kana irratti hunda’uun uummatni, beektotni, miidiyaaleen addaa adda ilmaan sabichaatiin hundeefamanii fi jarmiyaaleen siyaasaa Oromoo marti rakkoo kana hatattamaan waltajjii mariitti fiduudhaan uummmatni kun bifa inni ittiin giddu gala siyaas diinagdee akkasumas hawwaasummaa jabaataa qabaachuu danda’u irratti kallatti dhawachuun daran barbaachisaadha jedheen amana. Kanumaan walqabsiisee yaadota armaan gadii akka ka’umsaatti kaasuun fedha:
1. Daran barbaachisummaa magaalaa guddaa hubachuun uummatni keenya kallattiii hundaan haala itti magaalota gurguddoo naannoo keenya keessatti argaman Finfinnee dabalate dhunfachuu dandeenyu irratti qorannoo, marii fi toftaa adda adda gad fageenyaan dhiyeessuun barbaachisaadha.
2. Mootummaa naannoo fi biyya bulchaa jiru irraatti dhibbaa jabaa gochuun gaaffi fininsuu.
3. Dhimmi kun kallatti danda’ame hundaan qalbii uummata Oromoo hundaa bira akka ga’uuf midiyaalee argaman hundaatti fayyadamuun barreessu, dubbachuu fi dhadheessu
4. Fincila Xumura Garbummaa (FXG) godhamaa jiru keessatti akka gaaffi ijoo tokkotti qabatamee irratti hojjetamuun kanneen fala ta’u jedhee amanuudha.

Xalayaa Banaa Hogganoota ABO, ADO, ABO Tokkoomee fi KWOf

Yaya Beshir  (Boruu Barraaqaa, Dubbataa ABO duraanii irraa)

Obbo Daawud Ibsaa, hogganaa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo
Obbo Leencoo Lataa, hogganaa Adda Dimokraatawaa Oromoo
Obbo Abbaa Nagaa Jaarraa, hogganaa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo Tokkoomee
Janaraal Kamaal Galchuu, hogganaa Kallacha Walabummaa Oromiyaa

Nageenyi jaallummaa haa dursu. Itti aansuun dhimma xalayaa banaa kana isinii barreessuuf na dirqettin gabaabsee seena. Akkuma beekamu Addi Bilisummaa Oromoo bara ummanni Oromoo dukkanaan liqimfame san keessatti dungoo abdii tahee dhalate. Dungoon abdii Oromoo sunis bubbee diinotaa kan isii dhamsuuf bahaa dhihaan, kaabaa kibbaan itti hafuursan meeqaatam dandamattee odoo iftuu har’a geesse. Kanaafuu warra dungoon sabboonummaa ABOdhaan qabsiifame sun ija baneefis tahee dhaloonni haaraan eega dungoon sun qabattee booda dhalatee keessatti of bare hundi maqaa ‘ABO’ jedhu kanaaf jaalalaa fi galata guddaa qaba. Dhaloota dantaa Oromoo fi Oromiyaa irratti halagaa kamiinuu waliin araara hin teenye haaraya argamsiisuu irratti gumaachi Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo hiriyaa hin qabu. Kanaaf jecha ABOn eega sadarkaan dammaqiinsa ummata Oromoo daalifee booda akka dhaaba siyaasaa kallacha qabsoo tahe tokkotti jaalatamuu, abdatamuu fi kabajamuu bira dabree, akka hafuura Oromummaatti fudhatamuun kan haalamuu miti. Kana keessatti ammoo hoggana irraa qabee hanga miseensa leexaatti kanneen surraa kana fakkaatu dhaabicha gonfuu keessatti qooda qabdan hundi galata seenaan hin daganne qabdu.

Haa tahu malee baroota as kaluu kana, surraan ABO ulfaataan sun akka ummanni Oromoo abdatutti sadarkaa isaa eegee qooda hoggansa qabsoo irraa eegamu gumaachuu hin dandeenye. Gaafa bara 2001 keessa ‘ABO Qaama Cehumsaa’ fi ‘ABO Shanee Gumii’ jedhamee bakka lamatti cabuu irraa qabee keessi isaa ititee hin beeku. Jaarmayoonni lama fi sanii ol maqaa dhaaba tokkichaa fi alaabaa tokkichaa wal harkatti qabuu eegaluun, abdii ummanni Oromoo dhaaba guddicha kana irratti qabu tokko jedhee madeessuu eegale. Sana duras taanaan bara 1978 irraa qabee dhaaba kana irraa murnoonni cabanii deemuun waanuma ture tahu illee, alaabaa tokkoo fi maqaa tokkicha wal harkatti qabanii wal afoo dhaabbachuun hanga bara 2001tti hin turre.

Sanii as bara 2008 fi 2012 waan tahes walumaanuu quba qabna. Dhaabonni afran xalayaan banaan tun isin laallattu illeen dhalachuun sababuma olitti yaadachiifame irraa ti. Keessattuu waldiddaa bara 2008 dhalate booda tahuun ifaa dha. Muuxannoo gaddisiisaa keessa dabarre kana hubanneerra yoo taheef dhugaa hin haalamne tokko agarra. Gargar cabuun al tokko dhalatu daranuu caccabiinsa dabalataaf karaa banaa deeme malee eenyu illee eenyuunuu akka injifatu hin dandeessifne. Fakkeenyaaf, Qaama Cehumsaa fi Shanee jedhamuun gargar cabiinsa bara 2001 dhalate haa laallu. Qaamni Cehumsaa bara san gurmuu qabsaayota gameeyyii kumootaan lakkaayaman jajjaboo qabatee addatti bahe. Lakkuma bubbuluun haphataa deemee bara 2014 keessa hangi xiqqaan qofti qaama Shanee Gumiitiin walitti araarame jedhame. Kumoota bara 2001 Qaama Cehumsaa waliin bahan keessaa meeqatu araara bara 2014 booda caasaa walootti deebi’e jennee yoo gaafanne lakkoofsa qubaa hin caalani. Har’a hogganoonni, qondaalonnii fi miseensonni gameeyyiin ABO waggaa 15 dura maqaan isaanii ummata biratti beekamuu ture araara bara 2014 tahe jedhamu san keessa jiru natti hin fakkaatu. Kasaaraan hayyootaa fi hogganoota warraaqoo kasaarre guddaan tokko isa kana.

Itti aansee bara 2008 ABOn Shanee Gumii gargar caphiinsa irra-rifaasisaa biraa mudate. Gargar caphiinsi bara kanatti tahe dhaabicha hanga hundeetti raase. Rakkoo bara kanatti dhalate wanni adda godhu qaamni gargar bahe lamaanuu (Shanees tahe Jijjiiramni) of keessatti caccabiinsa mata mataa isaanii keessumsiisuu isaaniiti. ABOn Jijjiiramaa bara 2008-2015 gidduutti bakka afur caalaatti gargar caccabuu mudate. Warra xalayaan banaan tun laaltu keessaa lama, jechuunis, Addi Bilisummaa Oromoo Tokkoomee fi Kallachi Walabummaa Oromiyaa illeen kanuma keessaa akka dhalatan ifaa dha. Gariin miseensota qaama kanaa murna kamuu irraa abdii muratanii manatti galuunis dhugaa dha. Jara gargar deddeeme kana keessttis eenyu illee eenyuunuu hin injifanne. ABOn Shanees gama isaatiin bara 2012 keessa gargar cabiinsa dabalataan isa keessatti dhalateen hogganoota, qondaalotaa fi miseensota gameeyyii jajjaboo dhabe. Warra kanaa fi warra ABO Jijjiiramaa labsee ture garii irraa ADOtu dhalate. Gargar deeminsa kana keessattis eenyu illee eenyuunuu hin injifanne.

Gargar cabiinsi lakkoofnu kun hundinuu kasaaraa qabsoo Oromoo malee milkii homaatuu hin gumaachine. Bu’aan argame yoo jiraate, kasaaraa lubbuu namaa (loss of life), kasaaraa dhala namaa (loss of human resources), kasaaraa hamilee, kasaaraa dinagdee, kasaaraa waraanaa, kasaaraa siyaasaa, kasaaraa dippilomaasii fi kasaaraa yeroo ti. Kasaaraaleen kun cufti walitti ida’amanii surraa ABO isa sodaatamaa fi kabajamaa durii san akka malee dhoran. Yaaddoon duraan diinni dhaaba kana irratti qabaachaa ture gara tuffiitti akka jijjiiramu gumaachan. Maqaa ABO adda addaa himachuun kun halagoonni akka gammadanii nutti kolfanii fi sabni keenya ammoo akka gaddee boquu gad gombifatu godhe. Hayyonni Oromoo diinaaf summii tahan kumaatamni kan silaa gaaddisa ABO guddicha jalatti hiriiranii raajii hojjechuu danda’an, dhaaba kana irraa abdii dhabanii mana manatti akka galan dirqe. Kanneen matayyaadhaan qabsootti jiranis akka gumaachi isaanii walitti gumaawee injifannoo jabaa fi murteessaa hin galmeessine danqe.

Haa tahuutii har’as taanaan ummanni Oromoo hogganoota gargar caccabuu aadeffatan irraa komii guddoo haa qabaatu malee, maqaa ‘ABO’ jedhu irraa abdii hin muranne, yoomuu hin muratus. Biyya keessattis tahee biyyoota alaatti alaabaa fi maqaa ABO akka kudhaamaatti fannifachuun mallattoo sabboonummaa Oromoonni ittiin diddaa sirna cunqursaa ibsatanii dha. Ilmaan Oromoo biyya keessaa diinaan hudha wal qabaa jiran alaabaa dhaaba kanaa sodaa tokko malee guyyuu diina dura afarsuudhaan ‘Abbaan Biyyaa ABO dha’ jechuun itti himaa jirani. Sabboontonni Oromoo matayyaadhaanis tahee gareedhaan diina irratti hojjetanii wayta dhiibbaa uuman hundumaa ‘isin ABO dha’ jedhamanii diina biratti abaaramuunis beekamaa dha. Jagnoonni sabaa kun hundi garuu miseensa ABO isa har’a bakka meeqatti cabee jiru kanaa tahaniif miti. Murna ala kanatti gargar caccabetu wal qoqqooda malee saba keenya biyya jiruu fi halagaa biratti dhalli quuqama Oromummaa qabu cuftuu ABO dha.

Kana fakkeenya muraasaan ibsuun ni danda’ama. Baqqalaa Garbaa fi jaallan isaa hogganoota OFC malee miseensota ABO miti. Garuu Wayyaaneen akka ABOtti yakkitee hiite. Jawar Mohammed bara 2013 keessa akka mataa isaatti Al Jazeeraa irratti wayta dubbate sabboonaa Oromoo tokko malee miseensa ABO gargar caccabee kana hin turre. Garuu Habashoonni ‘ONEG’ jedhanii hanga har’aattuu itti duulan. Leencoo Baatii ADO bakka bu’ee torbaan muraasa dura achuma Al Jazeeraa irratti wayta dhihaate akka qaama ABO tahetti Geetaachoo Raddaatiin itti dutame. Kan biraa hafnaan nama lammaffaa Blue Party kan ture Yoonaataan T. Raggaasaa Oromoo waan taheef qofa qeeqa quuqama Oromummaa of keessaa qabu waan katabeef ‘ONEG’ jedhamee mana hidhaa jira. Habashoota deeggartoota isaa turan birattis maqaa kanaan jibbameera. Kanaafuu har’a jaalatamus jibbamus sabboonummaan Oromummaa bifa kamiiyyuu ABOummaa dha. ABOn hoggana ititaa fi murtaa lolee lolchiisu haa dhabu malee maqaan isaa har’as akkuma odaa isaa dagaagaa dha. Maqaan isaa akka dagaagee bara baraan jiraatu kan godhe ammoo yoo xiqqaate hojii qabsoo baroota dabran keessan hojjetamaniin dhaloota qubee diinaaf hin sarmine horachuu isaa ti. Kanaafuu dhaloonni qubee kamuu hanga quuqama Oromummaa qabaatetti ABO dha.

Haa tahu malee isin kanneen har’a ABO natu hogganaa jira malee sii miti waliin jettanii gaaddisa tokko jalatti hiriiruu dadhabdan dhugaa guddaa kana waan hubattan hin fakkaatu. Injifannoo qabsoo dabreen horatametti abbaa tahuuf haqa qabaattanillee, injifannoo haaraa ummanni wayta ammaa isin irraa eegu galmeessitanii qabsicha boqonnaa itti aanutti ceesisuuf hiriiras tahee gahummaa jaarmayummaa abdachiisaa irra hin jirtan. Dhaaba umrii ganna 40 olii qabu kana boqonnaa itti aanutti ceesisuun hafnaan, bakka waggaa 15 dura turetti deebisuunuu waan hin yaadamne isinitti tahe. Yeroo ammaa qabsoon Oromoo gommaa dhaloota haaraatiin ofumaan of dura konkolaataa jira malee, qooda hogganummaa isin wayta ammaa kana tarree duraatti baatanii gumaachaa jirtaniini jechuun ulfaataa dha. Dhaloota guddisa ABO tahetu seenaa hojjechaa jira. ABOn akka maqaatti har’as sodaatamaa dha. Jabaatus laafus ummata isaa biratti mararfatamaa dha. Maqaan kun matuma isaatti qabsichaaf jaboo gumaachaa jira tahuyyuu, hogganoonni isaa gargar caccaban garuu guddinaa fi sansakkaa maqichaatiin wal gituun gonkumaa hin danda’amneef.

Jaallan keenya kabajamoo !

Yeroon keessa jirru kun gara tokkoon yeroo itti sagaleen Oromoo kan yoomiiyyuu caalaa sodaatamaa deemaa jiruu dha. Gama kaaniin ammoo yeroo itti diinni ‘tokkummaa hin qabani; jaarmayaa ititaa hanga hin qabnetti ofumaaf wacu malee homaa nun godhani’ jechuun nu tuffatee biyya keenya irratti nu salphisaa jiruu dha. Sagaleen Oromoo akka sodaatamaa deemu kan godhe sabboonummaan Oromoo daraaree sadarkaa murteessaa irra gahuu isaa ti. Ummata miliyoonaan dammaqee ‘kana booda hin bitamnu’ jechuun sodaa moohate qabaachuu dandeenyeerra. Kun injifannoo guddaa dha. Dhaabni keenya ABOn dhufa Wayyaanee dura Oromoo of irraanfatee fi wal wallaaleen ati Oromoo dha jedhee Oromummaa barsiisuuf yeroo dheeraa akka wareege isin jalaa dhokataa miti. Wareegamni qabsoo gaafasii sun har’a asheetee firii godhatee jira waan taheef qabsaayota gumaacha bara sanii keessaa qooda qabdan maraaf galataa fi ulfina olaanan qaba.

Haa tahu malee har’a akka hogganaatti eessa jirra jedhaa wal gaafadhaa. Jaarmayaa jabaa miliyoonota dammaqan kana hiriirsee seenaa hojjechuuf irree gahaa qabu ijaaruutti hin jirtani. Haala amma jirru keessatti osoo diinni raajii wayiitiin aangoo irraa bu’e jedhamee, caasaa ititaa Oromiyaa ittiin toyattan harkaa hin qabdani. ABOn dur bara dukkanaa sanayyuu Oromoo maraaf daaw’itii tahuutti beekama ture. Kan dhalli Oromoo kutaa kamiiyyuu isa keessatti of argu ture. Har’a wayta silaa sabboonummaan daraaree Oromiyaa waliin gahe kanatti jaarmayaalee har’a akka ABOtti of waamaa jirtanis tahee kanneen addatti baatanii maqaa haaraya moggaafattan keessatti sun hin mul’atu. Gariin keessan akka naannootti wal qoqqooduu fi wal irraa qoollifachuudhaan gurmooftanii dhagaa walitti darbaa jirtan.

Walumaa galatti haalli isin keessa jirtan qabsoo ummata keenyaa kan guyyaa guyyaatti lubbuu jagnoota meeqaa kitimaa deemaa jiru kana galiin gahuuf qooda hogganummaa quufsaa kennuu kan danda’aa jiruu miti. Sababni isaas :
1. Murna itti mataa taatan qabattanii walitti dhuftanii qabsoo saba guddaa dammaqe kanaa hogganuu ni dandeessuu fi hin dandeessanii keessanuu mariyachuuf of kennaa hin jirtani
2. Yeroo ummanni maaloo tokkoomaa nu gammachiisaa jedhee isin kadhatu miira an-caalinnaa (ego) mataa keessaniif dursa kennuu mannaa dantaa ummatichaaf gad of qabdanii tokkoomtanii waliin hojjechuuf garaa keessan irraa qophii agarsiisaa hin jirtani
3. Mirqaana deemsi qabsoo ummata keenyaa argamsiiseen onnattanii yookiis dhiibamtanii ‘gamtaa qabsoo tolfanne’ jettanii abdii sabaaf kennuu irraa kan hafe, waadaa saba duratti seentan san eessaan akka geessan hanga ammaa ifaa miti.
4. Odoma taheeyyuu ummanni keenya ABO tokkoomee surraa isaa guddicha kaleessaatti deebi’u arguu barbaada malee adda addummaa keessan qabattanii ‘gamtaa’, ‘tumsa’, ‘agoobara’ waan jedhamu qofatti quufee isin abdata jedhee an hin yaadu.
5. Isin warra baatii lama dura ‘gamtaa’ wayii jaarranne jedhee labsate keessaa ADO irraa kan hafe, warri kaan kaayyoo walabummaa Oromiyaatti amantu eega tahee, wanni walitti araarmtanii jaarmayaa keessanis hin tokkoomsineef ifaa miti.
6. Humna qabsichaa daranuu ol guddisuuf jecha, dhaloota haaraa haalaan qabsichaaf gumaachuutti jiru hunda waliin abbaa fi ilmaan taatanii waliin hojjechuu yookiis baallii hoggansa qabsoo walitti dabarsuuf of kenniinsi garii keessan irraa hin mul’atu. Gariin keessan dargaggoota Oromoo qaroo fageenya irraayis tahu qooda diinni itti hinaafu gumaachaa jiraniin boonuu fi ittiin dhaadachuu mannaa, akka masaanuutti yoo of irraa eeggattan taajjabaa jirra.
7. Dhaloota haaraa Oromoo hamilee fi hawwii takkittii waliin qabu gidduutti walshakkii uumuudhaan garii maqaa ‘Qeerroo Bilisummaa’ jedhuun of jalatti iggittanii daandii qoodamiinsa keessanii akka dhaaluu fi sabboontota laalcha keessan qeeqan akka diinaatti hubachuun joolleen akka wal irratti duultu gochuuf wanni hojjechaa jirtan hegeree tokkummaa qabsaayota Oromoo irratti balaa ulfaataa farrisaa jira.

Kanaafuu yeroo murteessaa kana keessatti haala yaaddessaa jiru kana furuuf dhaamsa armaan gadiin qaba :

1. Kanneen qaama ABO turtan, amma illee taatan fi maqaa ABOs tahee maqaa biraa moggaafattanii kaayyoo walfakkaataadhaan hiriirtanii argamtan cuftuu, miira an-caalinnaa keessan of duuba qabuun saba hoggansa gahaa malee sosso’ee bilisummaa isaaf lubbuu gumaachaa jiru kanaaf dursa kennaatii tokkummaa jaarmayaa uumuuf dhiibbaa ifaa walirratti godhaa.
2. ABOn har’a Oromoo miliyoona 40 hogganee galii qabsoo isaatiin gahuu danda’u kan amma caccabee bakka meeqa bu’e kana tahuu hin danda’u. Kana dhiisaatii kan ganna 15 dura tokkummaadhaan beekamu saniyyuu daran gateettii bal’aa fi irree irra-jabaa kan horate tahuutu irraa eegama. Isin warri wal irraa deemtan kun walitti deebitanii tokkoomuu qofayyuu odoo hin taane, gatiittii irra bal’aa fi irree irra jabaa diina cabsu akkasii san horachuun dirqama akka tahe yeroodhaan hubadhaa wal hubachiisaa.
3. Qabsoon saba kamiiyyuu dhaloota haaraa qaroo ol dhufaa jiru harka bal’isee yoo ofitti hin hammanne itti fufiinsa amansiisaa hin qabaatu. Kanaafuu hogganoonni ABO murna murnatti baatanii jirtan dhugaa kana hubachuudhaan dargaggoota keenya qaroo biyya keessattis tahee ala taa’anii seenaa diinniyyuu raajeffate hojjechaa jiraniif dinqisiifannoo, abdannoo fi mararfannoo abbummaa qabaadhaafii. Dargaggoota Oromoo har’a seenaa hojjechaa jiran qaqqaalii qabna. Gariin isaanii kan Tigrootaa fi Amaaronni illee ‘dhalli akkasii silaa nu keessaa argamee maal qaba’ jedhanii itti hinaafaa jiran faa dha. Isaan kun ilmaanuma keessani. Guddisuma keessani malee dhala alagaa isin balleessuuf dhufaa jiruu miti. Kanaafuu sodaa, shakkii fi hinaaffaa ilmaan guddisa keessanii kana irratti dogoggoraan horattan yoo qabaattan hatattamaan akka sirreeffattan, joollee tana keessaa kan dogoggora irratti argitan yoo jiraatanillee mooyxannoo kuuffattan keessaa isa jaaraa tahe dhaalchisuun gorsa abbummaatiin kunuunstanii baallii hoggansa qabsoo itti dabarsuuf akka of qopheessitanin dhaama.
4. Waldhibdee dhunfaa yookiin wal jala yaa’uu dadhabuu walii keessan gidduutti qabdan dhukkubsachiisuuf jecha dhaloota haaraa garii ofitti hammattanii garii of irraa eeggachuu kana irraa akka jabeessitanii of qusattanin hawwa. Wal diddaan walii keessan gidduutti qabdan isinuma irratti haa raaw’atu. Balaa isiniin dhufee qabsoo Oromooyyuu gaaga’e kana dhaloota haaraaf dhaalchiftanii dargaggoo Oromoo kaayyoo fi hawwii takkittii waliin qaban gidduutti garaagarummaa kan uumtan yoo tahe gaafatamaa seenaa jalaa hin baatani.

Maayyii irratti waan tokkon jedha. An nama umriin kiyya ganna 40 seenee jiruu dha. Umriin koo umrii ABO ti. Kanaanis gammachuutu natti dhagahama. Dhalootni koo dhaloota abbootii kan ABO bu’uuressee hogganaa asiin gahee fi dhaloota qubee gidduutti akka riqichaatti kan argamuu dha. Hawwiin koo guddaan dhaloota kana lamaan kan akka abbaa fi ilmaatti wal dhagahuu fi baallii wal harkaa fuudhu arguu dha. Hawwii koo kana dhugoomsuuf jechas bara 2012- 2014tti osoman qaama hoggana ABO tahee Asmaraa jiruu yaaliin matayyaadhaan godhaa turen qaba. Hoggana olaanaa dhaaban waliin ture sanii fi dhaloota qubee qaroo hanga’ee mul’achaa jiru gidduutti hariiroo abbaa fi ilmummaa uumuuf hedduun tattaafadhe. Qaama walirraa qoollifatan kana lamaan gidduutti riqicha tahee wal qunnamsiisuu fi dhimma qabsichaa irratti akka itti waliin hojjetamuu qabu irratti maryachiisaan ture. Yaaliin koo abdii gaarii agarsiisaa deemullee maayyii irratti hin milkoofne. Qaaman waliin ture irraa akkan abdii kutadhu kan na godhe guddaanis isa kana yoon jedhe arraba nan quuqu. Xalayaa banaa kanaanis wantin hogganootatti dhaammachuu barbaadu guddaan, abbootiin onnee keessan banaa gootanii ilmaan teessan qaroo dandeettii abdachiisaa agarsiisaa jirtu hundumaa loogii tokko malee hammattanii ilaa fi ilaameedhaan akka waliin maryattanii dha.

Injifannoo Ummata Oromoof!

Boruu Barraaqaa
Dubbataa ABO duraanii

Injifannoo Uummanni Oromoo Baatii Saddet Darban Galmeesise Xiqqeessinee Ilaaluu Hinqabnu

By: Jawar Mohammed
 Namni gariin sochii ollonnii keenya torban kana godhan ilaaluun qabsoofi injifannoo ummanni Oromiyaa baatii saddeetiif galmeessaa keessa dabre xiqqeessuuf yeroo yaalan agarra. Kanaafuu qabxiilee takkaa lama wal yaadachiisuun feesisaadha.

1. Oromoon diina hin ajjeefne kan jedhuuf…maal waan hin lallabiniifi moo? Mootummaanuuu looltoonni meeqa akka jalaa du’an akka amane ni dagattani? Dhugaa jiru yoo barbaaddaan seenaa Bosona Cilliomoo, laga Mogor, Shaallaafi Gaara Mul’ataatti hojjatame qorachuun barbaachisaadha. Shawaa Lixaa naannoo Gaalessaatti dargaggoon qawwee diinarraa hiikkateen humna addaa ( commando) Wayyaaneen bobbaase ji’a lamaa oliif ofirraa ittisee rasaasni harkaa akka dhume beektuu laata? Dubartiin teenya muka mooyyeetin Agaazi mataa dhooftee kilaash hiikkachuun isii hagasumatti irraanfatamee laata? Ummanni keenya qawween bahee ajjeesee geeraruu kan dhiise akka gariin yaadutti qawwee waan dhabeefillee miti. Xiqqaattus takka nyaattee taatus waa numa jiran. Bakka dhabetti ammoo akkuma qabatamaan agartaan dhibbaatamaan hidhattoota mootummaa irraa hiikkachuu akka danda’u mirkaneessee jira. Hoggansi sadarkaan jiru lola qawweetti seenuun tarsiimoo isaa hin turre.

Qabsoo keessatti ajjeesuun miira yeroo oowwisuu danda’a, tarsiimoofi qophii itti fufiinsa mirkaneessu qabaachuu baannaan gaaga’ama malee faaydaan isaa muraasa. Ummanni keenya tarsiimoofi jaarmaya waraanaaf qophaayen maletti qawwee qabatee osoo bahee jiraate ji’a saddeet dhiisaa torban sadihiifusadarkaa bal’aa sanitti itti fufee qabsaayuu hin danda’u ture. Injifannoolee gurguddoo argate kanas hin goonfatu ture. Kanaaf ummanni keenya qawwee ammayyaa dhiisaati meeshaalee waraanaa aadaatuu qabatee akka hin baane itti waywaatamaa turuu hin irraanfatinaa! Yoo waraanuu hin henne hin luqqufatiniin makmaaksa Oromooti.

2. Kan Gondaritti ta’e kan naannawa Shaashamanneetti ta’een wal fakkaata. Humnoota Tigreen ergitetu hidhattoota mootummaa naannootiin ajjeefame. Yoo yaadattan Ajjeetti ( naannoo Shaashamanneetti) poolisootaafi hidhattoota Oromiyaatu humnoota federaalaa fixe.

3. Qabsoo faara qabdu godhuuf saffisaa ( intensity) fi turmaata ( sustainability) wal madaalchisuun barbaachisaadha. Sochiin tokko lamaan keessaa saffisa qofa irratti yoo fuulleeffate yoo dafee sirna san lafaan hin dhahin humna fixatee gaggabee faca’a. Kana ammoo qabsoon teenya sadarkaa adda addaatti keessa dabarteet muuxannorraa ka’uun sochii bifa tasgabbaa’een ji’a saddeetiif turu uumte.

4. Qabsoo Oromiyaa keessatti godhametu sodaa cabsee naannolee bira onnachiise. Ji’a saddeetiif haleellaa mootummaatin osoo of duubatti hin shubamin itti fufuu isaatitu naannawa biraatiif onnee kenne. Tooftaa xixiqqaan osoo hin hafin Oromiyaa irraa akka baratame ni muldhata.

5. Paartiin Amaara kan Wayyaaneen bixxilame tibba kana aantummaa ummataa agarsiisuun ifa. Jarri OPDOs hamma barbaadamus ta’uu baatus hojii sirnicha laaffisee qabsoo gargaaree baay’ee hojjatan. Jarri ANDM tarkaanfi amma fudhataniif fakkeenya kan ta’e waan OPDOn gariin Oromiyaa keessatti goote ta’uu hin shakkinaa. Kana jechuun OPDOn waan dandeessu hunda goote jechuu miti. Hoggansi isaanii gaafa dubbiin jabaattee duubatti shirgigaatuun, kaabineen gara gadii diinummaan ummata miidhuun ni jira.

6. Naannoo Amaaratti fincilli dhoohuun qabsoo Oromiyaa keessaatiif hiree guddaadha. Sababni isaas maddi fincila kanaa gaafii eenyummaafi abba biyyummaa waan ta’eef qabsoo Oromootiif dhugaa galcha. Itti dabalees fincilli bakka bakkaa dhoowuun sirnicha saffisaan laaffisuuf fayyada.

7. Qawween ummata keenyaaf hin barbaachisu jechuu miti. Ni barbaachisa. Qawwee qofaa miti kan barbaachisu. Jaarmayaafi tarsiimoo waraanaa barbaachisa. Kana ammoo mootummaa tana kuffisuuf qofaa miti. Kana kan barbaannu Wayyaanee gara nuuf tolutti jiigsuu qofaaf osoo hin taane gara fuulduratti dantaa siyaasaafi diinaggee Oromoo naannawa sanitti kabachiisuuf humni waraanaa cimaa jaarrachuun murteessaa waan ta’eefi.

Walumaagalatti hojii ollaan hojjatu qalbiin ilaaluun waa irraa barachuuf faaydaa guddaa qaba. Hinaafuunis yoo kan hojii san daran hojjachuuf nama kan kakaasu taate hamaa miti. Garuu hojii ambaa laalanii hamilee of cabsuudhaan gootummaa, murannoofi injifannoo saba ofii xiqqeessuun gad-aantummaadha. Ummanni keenya qabsoo nagayaa ( nonviolent resistance) kan biyya sanitti hin danda’amu jedhamaa ture akka danda’amu qabatamaan agarsiisee ollaas barsiisee jira. Qabsoo hidhannoo har’a hin danda’amtu jedhamtus gaafa tarsiimoofi qophiin itt seene shakkii malee galmaan gaha. Warri qabsoo hidhannootin diina haleeluu barbaadu kan ormaa laalee of tuffachuu ykn ammoo qabsoo nagayaa saba keenyaa xiqqeessuurra, tarsiimoofi jaarmaya qabsoo hidhannootif barbaachisu qopheessutti osoo fuulleeffatee wayya.